Leveraging Lumidigm Sensors, Innometriks' New Rhino Touch Makes Self-Service Validation of CAC/TWIC/PIV Cards Easy

Introducing at ISC West, Innometriks Booth #22126

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO- Lumidigm today announced that Innometriks has embedded Lumidigm’s V-Series multispectral fingerprint sensors into its new Rhino Touch reader that will be introduced at the ISC West Show, Booth 22126 in the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, April 10-12. The new Rhino Touch can be deployed as a self-service CAC/TWIC/PIV identification validation device that provides self-guided and fully-authenticated enrollment into a facility access control system via a CAC, TWIC or PIV card. As such, the new Rhino Touch can be a vetting station that provides complete validation of a CAC, TWIC or PIV credential - contact, contactless or magnetic stripe – including all card signatures, certificates and personal information.

Up until now, a trained operator was required to complete this task. The Rhino Touch brings together a comprehensive blend of technologies along with an intuitive user interface. Now, organizations can complete the validation in a self-service format, reducing labor costs and increasing ROI, while maintaining the chain of trust throughout the process.

“The market has been looking for a way to be more efficient at vetting these complex credentials,” explains John Cassise, Innometriks CEO. “The unique ability of Lumidigm’s sensors to get a great image of the finger the first time, every time is critical for making a truly intuitive biometric device.”

A large seven-inch touchscreen provides a kiosk-level user interface to simplify instruction and minimize a user’s learning curve. Expanding on many key features of the successful Rhino reader, the Rhino Touch can be wall-mounted, used on a desktop or positioned on a free-standing post.

“We’re excited to provide Innometriks’ new Rhino Touch with a solution that conventional fingerprint technologies simply cannot deliver,” adds Bill Spence, Lumidigm vice president for North America, Europe and Australia. “Lumidigm’s ability to get a great fingerprint image every time, regardless of the conditions, has significantly expanded the range of applications and environments where biometrics can be successfully deployed and scaled in the real world."

About Innometriks

Innometriks develops and manufactures a suite of hardware and software products that provide strong identity authentication for mission critical environments. Strong identity authentication verifies an individual’s identity using technologies including biometrics, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital signatures, providing greater protection of critical assets and sensitive information. Innometriks' innovative and comprehensive application suite offers credential validation and registration on a platform that is open, scalable and extensible. www.innometriks.com.

About Lumidigm

Lumidigm Inc., a global leader in authentication solutions is dedicated to enabling convenient, secure, and reliable identification of people, products and credentials. Developed with “real world” performance as a priority, Lumidigm’s multispectral imaging technology, innovative software and biometric fingerprint sensors allow customers to know “who” or “what” to a high degree of certainty. Lumidigm and its strategic partners have met challenging authentication requirements in markets such as banking, healthcare, entertainment, and government services. The Lumidigm Advantage is also suitable for industrial, commercial, and transportation applications. Lumidigm is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For more information, visit www.lumidigm.com.


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