Level Detection Sensor leverages frequency sweep technology.

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Able to detect media levels in tanks, vessels, and pipes, LBFS level switch features sensitivity over measuring range for dielectric constants from 1.5 to 100+ that enables limit detection with all types of powders, granulates, and liquids. Response time of 0.2 sec promotes accelerated fill level detection as well as fill level accuracy and compliance. Featuring sensor head resistant to media adhesion, product is insensitive to flow, turbulence, bubbles or foaming, and suspended solids.

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LBFS: Reliable Level Detection with Innovative Frequency Sweep Technology

Baumer's LBFS level switch is a reliable alternative to widely used vibratory level switches. The LBFS sensor can also detect the levels of viscous or dry materials and can be fitted on tanks or pipes in any desired position. The sensor is insensitive to flow, turbulence, bubbles or foaming, and suspended solids.

The compact, smooth sensor head resists media adhesion, even with sticky media. The sensor's short response time enables rapid fill level detection and accurate, reliable fill level compliance.

The level switch is able to detect media levels in tanks, vessels and pipes. It can also be used for overflow prevention, pump protection against dry running, and media separation with oil/water mixtures. It is suitable for an extremely broad range of application areas, including domestic water, wastewater, HVAC filters, hydraulic systems, oil and gas, bio-energy, wood pellets, grain mills, rail transport and pump systems.

The sensor is housed in a compact, extremely sturdy and corrosion resistant stainless steel enclosure. It can be installed easily and using Teflon tape sealing. Convenient configuration is facilitated by the PC-based FlexProgrammer 9701. Thanks to a short response time of just 0.2 s, the level switch operates very reliably even with fast filling processes. The device has a wide rated operating temperature range of -40 to +115 °C.

The LBFS operates on the frequency sweep principle using a high-frequency signal emitted by the sensor, which experiences a phase shift in the sensed medium. When this sensor encounters a medium having a dielectric constant outside the defined range, an electronic signal is triggered. The sensor's high sensitivity over a large measuring range for dielectric constants from 1.5 to over 100 enables limit detection with all types of powders, granulates and liquids. Even difficult substances, such as polyamide granulates and paper, can be detected reliably. This technology has additional decisive advantages over other measuring methods, such as vibrating fork sensors, ultrasonic sensors and optical sensors: it has no moving parts and is insensitive to the effects of variations in conductivity, temperature and pressure. The sensor is additionally suitable for all types of applications that previously required different types of devices.

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