Lengthy Linear Actuator Aids in Pump Assembly

Recently, a mid-west pump manufacturing company was in need of a linear actuator system to move equipment through their assembly process.

The system they were searching for had some very unique requirements - specifically carrying the heavy pump over a distance of nearly 22 feet, with multiple stop points along the way.

These requirements placed SERAPID as the front runner to supply a linear actuator system for their assembly process. The SERAPID Push/Pull Rigid Chain has proven its reliability and toughness over the last 40 years through use in a variety of industries - including nuclear, automotive, medical, stamping, and entertainment industries.

The SERAPID LinearBeam mechanical linear actuator utilizes the push/pull Rigid Chain and is specifically designed to carry heavy loads over long distances, even in the harsh environments often found in manufacturing facilities. This actuator is capable of pushing or pulling loads of up to 400 tons over nearly any distance, and can travel at a speed of 6.5 ft/sec.

The LinearBeam system provided to the pump manufacturer pushes their 4000 pound pumps over a distance of approximately 22 feet, stopping at four locations throughout the facility. It travels at approximately 10 feet/minute.

The LinearBeam is entirely mechanical - freeing the pump manufacturer from the problems associated with hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

For more information, visit www.serapid.us, or e-mail: info-us@serapid.com.

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