Leeson® General Purpose Motors Available at Global Industrial

Global Industrial( www.globalindustrial.com/c/motors/ac-motors-2-phase?utm_source=Thomasnet&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=gp_release ) prides itself on providing customers with high quality products at low, unbeatable prices. Leeson® is the latest addition to the Global Industrial website that continues a tradition of quality and affordability. With thousands of models to choose from, customers get a diverse product selection to match their needs. There are over 1,200 Leeson® products in the General Purpose Motors section alone, providing a wide selection of Capacitor Start, 3-Phase, DC and Metric motors.

Three-phase & Capacitor Start AC motors meet the energy efficiency requirements for general-purpose industrial motors while delivering new levels of starting torque, overload capability and reliability. Global offers Drip-Proof and Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) designs that are suited for use on pumps, compressors, blowers, fans, conveyors, machine tools and other direct or belt-driven applications. TEFC motors are ideal for use where exposure to water, dust and corrosives exist. Drip-Proof motors are for use where water and dust exposure is moderate.

High Voltage permanent magnet DC motors are typically used with an SCR controller in applications requiring adjustable speed and constant torque throughout the speed range. They are widely used in applications requiring dynamic braking or adjustable speed/reversing capabilities.

Metric DC motors are built to IEC 34-1 electrical and mechanical specifications. The IEC 63 and smaller frames are stocked with an integral B5 flange or B14 face less base. A unique modular approach for IEC 71 frame and larger allows the motor to be field modified to B3 rigid base mounted construction using conversion kits.

3-Phase Metric motors are great for use on machine tools, textile machinery and other equipment with metric dimensions that require the heavy-duty torque and performance characteristics of motors designed for use in North America.

When looking for a diverse selection of motor replacement parts at low prices, look no further than GlobalIndustrial.com. They continue to add quality products every day and are available at unbeatably low prices. Global is quickly becoming the one-stop shop for all your Motor needs.

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