Leesburg Concrete Produces Floodwall Wall Caps for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Hurricane & Storm Damage Risk Reduction System Leesburg, FL, 2012 - Leesburg Concrete Company, Inc. is a producer of diversified precast concrete products, built to your specifications, along with their standard product of precast concrete ramps, steps and decks with handrails and guardrails. We recently completed a wall cap order for the U.S Army Corps of Engineers who contracted with David Boland, Inc. to build the Segnette State Park Floodwall which is part of the Levee System Project in New Orleans. This part of the risk reduction project consists of T-Wall, floodgates and gate monoliths. USACE visited our state of the art batch plant at Leesburg Concrete to review our manufacturing and quality processes. After visiting our operation they approved both. The wall caps we built are a creative solution by Boland to meet the required wall height due to settling. We are proud to have participated in this project and we look forward to the continued expansion and use of our facility.

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