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LED Products are suited for mobile device industry.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for keypad backlighting, UT230(TM) offers 2 radiant flux levels at 20 mA: one at 5.5 mW min for blue keypad market, and one at 8.0 mW min for white keypad market. Blue and green versions of XB500(TM) power chip have min radiant flux of 44 and 20 mW respectively at 125 mA. They are suited for flash function of digital cameras using white LEDs. Suited for LCD backlighting, XT290(TM) is designed for white surface-mount devices for mobile appliance color LCD illumination.

Original Press Release:

Cree Introduces New LED Products Targeting the Mobile Market

UT230(TM) For Keypad; XB500(TM) For Flash; XT290(TM) For LCD Backlighting

Durham, NC, May 11, 2004 - Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) today introduced three new light emitting diode (LED) products targeting the mobile appliance market. The UT230 product is aimed for the price-sensitive keypad market. The XB500, in blue and green versions, is targeted for the camera flash function of mobile appliances. Additionally, Cree has expanded the XT offering, used primarily for illuminating mobile phone LCDs, to include a design that is compatible for a wider range of packaging processes. All three products are available for immediate delivery.

UT230 - Keypad Backlighting

The UT230 offers two radiant flux levels at 20mA, one at 5.5mW minimum, positioned for the blue keypad market, and one at 8.0mW minimum, targeted for the white keypad market. The UT230 has a lower forward voltage of 2.9V typical at 5mA and 3.3V typical at 20mA. The chip's thickness is 85µm versus Cree's standard chip thickness of 250µm. Developing a chip with a small form factor (230µm x 230µm x 85µm), while maintaining key performance characteristics, such as a forward voltage and brightness, was a significant technology hurdle for this product. Form factor, forward voltage, and brightness are critical factors for keypad designs. This product will be offered in both 460nm and 470nm versions and targeted for the highly competitive keypad market.

XB500 - Digital Camera Flash Units

The XB500 power chip, offered in both blue and green versions, has a minimum radiant flux of 44mW for blue (460nm) and 20mW for green (527nm) at 125mA, while maintaining a typical forward voltage of 3.5V (blue) and 3.6V (green). The XB500 targets the flash function for digital cameras using white LEDs. Additionally, these new chips can penetrate other white light applications using RGB (where discrete red, green and blue LED's are combined to create white light) and phosphor based technologies.

XT290 Expansion - LCD Backlighting

The XT product expansion is intended to address some customers' low temperature packaging requirements and is designed to permit a broader group of customers to use this family of high brightness LEDs. This new version of the XT family has performance levels consistent with the existing XT product line. Target applications include white surface mount devices for mobile appliance color LCD illumination.

Mike Dunn, Vice President, Optoelectronics, stated, "We believe the expansion of our blue and green LED product lines will enable more applications in the mobile appliance market. These new products are in response to the particular application requirements within the mobile appliance industry."

Cree is an advanced semiconductor company that leverages its expertise in silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon (Si) materials technology to produce new and enabling semiconductors. The products include blue, green and near ultraviolet (UV) light emitting diodes (LEDs), near UV lasers, radio frequency (RF) and microwave devices, and power switching devices. Potential applications for these products include solid-state illumination, optical storage, wireless infrastructure and power switching. For additional product specifications, please refer to the data sheets on Cree's website at under "LED Products."

Cree and the Cree Logo are registered trademarks of Cree, Inc. XB500, XT290 and UT230 are trademarks of Cree, Inc.

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