LED Marker Lights use just 1-3 W of energy.

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Available in round or square, liniLED® Marker Lights create diffused spots of light for walkways, pathways, streetscapes, or drive-over applications. Spot/accent in-ground luminaires each contain low-energy white or RGB liniLED® strip encapsulated in drive-over rated cast polyurethane resin, in epoxy-coated stainless steel housing. Measuring 2.95 in. high, round marker lights are available in 3, 3.3, and 5.5 in. diameters, while square marker lights come in 2.75 and 4.6 in. square.

Original Press Release:

Keep Urban Traffic Moving in the Right Direction with New liniLED® Marker Lights from Organic Lighting

New Product Introduction:  liniLED® Marker Lights — Round or square LED spot/accent in-ground luminaires create diffused spots of light for walkways, pathways, streetscapes or drive-over applications.  Each Marker Light contains a low-energy white or RGB liniLED® strip encapsulated in drive-over rated cast polyurethane resin, in an epoxy-coated stainless-steel housing. liniLED® Marker Lights have non-slip surfaces, and are available in a range of colors and sizes.

Design:  Organic Lighting Systems In-House Product Design and Engineering Team.

Manufacturer:  Organic Lighting Systems, Azusa, CA.  liniLED® Marker Lights lighting strips use energy-efficient, +/-50 Kelvin LEDs from Osram exclusively.

Product Applications:  Low-scale linear liniLED® Marker Lights provide functional architectural and decorative warm-white or RGB LED light for walkways, pathways and direction finding on or adjacent to many kinds of all-climate masonry surfaces.

They readily adapt for multiple uses in upscale commercial, institutional, retail, hospitality and governmental installations.  Aside from crisp aesthetics, liniLED® Marker Lights instantly change outdoor areas daytime or evenings to spaces for community gatherings and events.  These even illumination marker lights always impress, year-round.

Create more pedestrian or bicycle traffic over existing walkways, paths and entryways, economically.  liniLED® Marker Lights allow custom lighting designs with in-use flexibility, high performance and offer exceptional energy savings. 

Product Description:  liniLED® Marker Lights are distinguished by their round or square shapes, white or colorful nonglare illumination, low energy ultra-long operating life.  Low-scale, flush-mounted designs offer unique ways to use subtly diffused lighting integral with ground-level surfaces; add dimension and “atmosphere” around or within buildings; grounds; commercial; upscale residential, municipal and recreational areas.

Construction & Finishes:  liniLED® Marker Lights comprise LED light strips encapsulated in tough cast-polyurethane resin, mounted within epoxy-coated stainless-steel light bodies. 

Each Marker Light uses between 1W to 3W of energy, enabling a large number of units to be interconnected to a single 24Volt driver.

Round Marker Lights available in 3-, 3.3- and 5.5-inch diameters; Square Marker Lights are 2.75- and 4.6-inches square.  All models are 2.95 inches high.  LED color choices include amber, blue, green, red and white in 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 6500K.  

Contact Information:  Learn more about Organic Lighting Systems advanced energy-saving, maintenance-saving products and capabilities by visiting: www.organiclighting.com.  Organic Lighting Systems is located at 511 N. Virginia Avenue, Azusa, CA 91702.  Telephone: (626) 969-6140.  Fax: (626) 609-4288.  E-mail: sales@organiclighting.com.

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