LED Light supports growth of green plants and vegetables.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing red and blue LED chips, Solstice™ Grow Light produces spectrums readily absorbable through photosynthesis, suitable for indoor growing of green plants, vegetables, and cannabis. Chlorophyll-producing unit is compatible with 0–10 V control systems for fully programmable functionality, including timers and scheduling. Available for 120–277 V or 347–480 V input, each fixture has tarnish-resistant, dome-shaped, direct-downward light housing, holding 1-4 red and blue LED modules.

Original Press Release:

Global Tech LED Introduces Solstice(TM) Grow Light

As Green Plants and Vegetables Absorb Growth Energy From Natural Chlorophyll, Solstice™ Grow Light Increases Chlorophyll Production Year-Round.

New Product Introduction: Global Tech LED Solstice™ Grow Light —highly engineered low energy, low glare red and blue spectrum long life, LED luminaires and LED retrofit kits.  Each LED targets specific light wavelengths absorbed by plants via photosynthesis, for all growing cycles, vegetative and flowering.

Design: Global Tech LED product design and engineering team.

Manufacturer:Global Tech LED.  A U.S. Company whose LED module sare made in the USA.

Product Applications: Solstice™ Grow Light red and blue LED chips produce spectrums readily absorbable through photosynthesis ideal for indoor growing of green plants, vegetables and cannabis — ideal for growing operations that could benefit from supplemental light where climate or season produces less than optimal light source, or as the only light source for fully indoor grow operations.

Solstice™ Grow Light increases plant yields; reduces lighting costs; reduces strain on indoor ventilation systems. The Global Tech LED Solstice™ Grow Light is compatible with any 0-10 volt control systems for fully programmable functionality including timers and scheduling.

Product Description: Solstice™ Grow Light LED represents state-of-the-electronic-art in lower energy, long life, adaptable/flexible photosynthetic downlight illumination.  LED red and blue light color temperatures are optimal 400 to 700 nanometers.  LED optics available in a range of eight choices. Optics concentrate photosynthetically available radiation on the plant(s) for a deeper penetration and increased light availability. Each Fixture has a tarnish-resistant, durable dome-shaped suspended direct-downward light housing, holding from one to four red and blue LED modules in each circular light unit.  Choice of one-to-four circular LED light units per Solstice™ Grow Light housing. Plates and screw-in retrofit kits are also available to convert existing grow light fixture housing to a long lasting LED fixture, saving time and money on the conversion while supplying the same quality of light as the new LED grow fixture.

In all, Solstice™ Grow Light provides exceptional ease of installation, adaptability/flexibility, highly energy-saving, chlorophyll-producing LED lighting performance, with negligible routine maintenance. Available for 120-277V or 347-480V line input. Built-in electronic LED driver employ constant-current technology to help ensure long operating life of over 100,000 hours.

Unit Construction: Solstice™ Grow Light employs a custom, rigid circuit board. Each module features a microprocessor with Life Sync Smart programming for module protection and consistent light output over the life of the module. Units also employ over-temperature and under-voltage protection, in case of utility brownouts or shutdowns. A built-in active vortex heatsink is located directly behind the circuit board for optimal cooling further extending the life of the module.

All Global Tech LED Solstice™ Grow Light luminaires are UL, CUL listed lighting system components; meet CE European Union standards; are RoHS compliant; dimmable; proudly made in the USA by Global Tech LED and fully compliant with ARRA Buy American requirements.  Solstice™ Grow Light units come with a 10-year limited warranty.

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