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LED Light Sources come in simple and controllable types.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing various LED types, intelligent, controllable LED light sources are multi-function RGB LED products. Single color LED light sources can be round LED boards (LED spots) without housing, LED spots in weather- and water-proof housing, LED spots for under-water use, LED spots for indoor use, LED stripes, and LED light tubes. RGB LEDs come in same shapes and allow users to control colors, brightness, and light effects.

Original Press Release:

Innovative LED Light Technology

My-LED, a branch of my-tronic GmbH, offers innovative LED light sources for integration in light objects or just for use "as is" depending on the costumers' needs and requirements. For creating these LED products my-tronic GmbH is using high quality super flux Piranha LEDs, power LEDs, high efficiency LEDs or other ultra bright LEDs (such as SMD). The company provides a full system, not only spare parts, and is supporting you with service if you need it for the whole duration of your project.

Products' Description: There are two types of LED light sources my-tronic offers: simple or controllable. The controllable ones are what they call "intelligent LED light sources". The products (controllable simple or RGB LED light sources) were only recently created. The idea came as a special request from one of my-tronic's costumers. Soon the controllable LED light sources were considered a perfect solution for the future, as many users need different kind of light, with different intensity for many applications. Controllable LED light sources are multi function RGB LED products. Included in this category there are a few standard items. But the possibilities are infinite and the company always develops new LED products. You can either buy the standard items or ask for a customized LED solution. The simple LED light sources are standard products. Nevertheless if one considers the shape (viewing angle, brightness and so on) inappropriate for a certain use, my-tronic GmbH can customize these simple LED products too.

The single color LED light sources can be round LED boards (LED spots) without housing for integration in light objects, LED spots in weather and water proof housing for outdoor use, LED spots for under-water use, LED spots for indoor use, LED stripes (the so called accent line LED lights for edge lighting, railing, building illumination and so on) and LED light tubes for neon replacement. RGB LED light sources come in the same shapes, but the color option is huge! One can control alone colors, brightenss, light effects.

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