LED Displays provide mass notification.

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Intended for school campuses, Mass Notification LED Displays allow users to broadcast safety concerns, terrorism alerts, severe weather alerts, news, and any other emergency announcements within seconds. Systems are self-contained and fully operational regardless of Internet connectivity or cellular network availability. Displays can provide flashing, visible alerts as well as audible alerts to direct attention to displayed messages, which can scroll and be color coded.

Original Press Release:

Electro-Matic Products, Inc. Introduces Mass Notification LED Display

Farmington Hills, MI - Electro-Matic Products, Inc. has introduced the latest high tech Mass Notification LED Displays in response to the rising concern of safety and security among school campuses nationwide. These LED Displays can work with existing mass notification systems to make sure displayed messages reach everyone on campus. Together, this complete high-tech system will allow users to broadcast safety concerns, terrorism alerts, severe weather alerts, news, and any other emergency announcements within seconds to ensure the safety of the campus. Messages can quickly be displayed campus wide in libraries, classrooms, dorms, hallways, and any other common areas. The visual mass notification reaches out to everyone on campus. The system is self-contained and fully operational regardless of internet connectivity or cellular networks.

Campus security, building maintenance, and administration staffs will find our Mass Notification LED Display useful with the capacity to provide flashing, visible alerts that gain immediate attention. These displays can also provide an audible alert to direct attention to the displayed message. Messages can be color-coded and scroll to provide easy-to-read alerts and notification. Other benefits include wide coverage, centrally synchronized clocks, and the ability to operate even when there is no cellular or Internet coverage.

Electro-Matic Products, Inc. is a supplier of a complementary group of products, services and components targeting the users and manufacturers of industrial automation equipment and on-premise signage. Our Visual Solutions Group provides and supports a complete line of indoor and outdoor LED Display solutions. As an ISO 9001:2000
company, we have over 36 years of experiences in ensuring customer satisfaction and leading the way with innovative thinking. Our past, present and future success results from our single-minded focus on product, process, people, and price. To learn more about the new mass notification LED Displays, please contact us by phone at (248)
442-2903, by fax at (248) 478-1472, or by e-mail at help@electro-matic.com or log on to

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