LECO Ceramics Offering Pressed Refractory Shapes

Benton Harbor, Michigan-In order to expand its product lines, LECO Ceramics recently purchased and installed a 1250-ton hydraulic press and high-temperature kiln (capable of firing product to 1760°C). The new addition allows LECO to offer pressed refractory and high-temperature alumina kiln furniture.

"By investing in a high-temperature kiln and hydraulic press, we are able to access another segment of the ceramics market," says David Paine, general manager of LECO's Ceramics division. "We have successfully tested the pressed product at several of our customer's facilities and have received a great response."

LECO provides top-quality ceramic products to industries worldwide. Current product offerings include dry pressed consumables, slipcast combustion tubes, lab crucibles, vacuum formed fiber shapes, injection molded specialty shapes, t-cast crucibles, ladles, and a variety of large complex kiln furniture shapes. Each ceramic product goes through a rigorous testing cycle to assure it meets stringent in-house quality standards, ISO 9001:2000 FM 24045, and exact customer specifications.

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