Leak Detection Controller monitors 300 ft of sensing cable.

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Equipped with audible and visual alarms, SeaHawk LD310 helps protect facilities from fluid leaks. Unit will set off loud beep as well as flashing LED light when leak is detected along length of attached Leak Detection Cable or spot detector, notifying staff that corrective action is needed. Jumpers allow users to adjust sensitivity of leak detection circuit and to disable audible alarm. If sensing cable is cut, has poor connection, or loses continuity, module will indicate cable fault alert.

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Don't Let a Simple Fluid Leak Damage Your Facility, Assets, or Reputation

The RLE Technologies SeaHawk LD310

Small Facility Conductive Fluid Leak Alarming with New Features, Improved Reliability, and a Great Price

Statistics suggest that most sensitive facilities, such as IT facilities, server rooms, retail spaces, offices, libraries, museums, and even industrial sites, WILL experience damage or work stoppage at some point over their lives due to a fluid leak. And when you consider the potential cost of such damage to property, data, and reputation, the necessity of an early warning system becomes very clear.

RLE’s successor to the wildly popular SeaHawk LD300, the LD310 has all the bases covered to assure your facility is protected. With both audible and visual alarms, the LD310 is the perfect small area leak watchdog. When a leak is detected along the length of an attached Leak Detection Cable or spot detector, the LD310 will set off a loud beep as well as a flashing LED light notifying your staff that corrective action is needed.

And despite the addition of the visual alarm and enhanced electronics and reliability, the MSRP for the LD310 will be the same as the LD300 - just $210.

Don’t leave your facility vulnerable to damage or downtime from a simple fluid leak.

The LD310 is now available for quoting on our website, or feel free to contact us directly at 800.518.1519.


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