Leading Pulp Mills Make the Best with Metso's Innovative Recovery Analyzer Technology

Applying advanced online measurements in kraft pulp mills has made it possible to raise the quality and strength of cooking liquor, react faster to disturbances and increase process output. The measurements also boost sustainability by offering more environmentally friendly liquor cycle operation.

Zellstoff- und Papierfabrik Rosenthal (ZPR), one of the most modern pulp mills in Europe, has chosen the new Metso Recovery Analyzer (Metso Metra) for its pulp mill in Blankenstein, Germany. In addition to ZPR, orders have been received from mills in North America, South America and the Nordic countries.

During the past decades, Metso’s partnership with ZPR has included numerous projects. On several occasions, the company has applied Metso’s innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of its processes. Now ZPR has understood the benefit it will gain from Metso’s innovation for kraft pulp mill liquor cycle management. Using fully automatic real-time sampling and standard titration methods, the mill will be able to optimize its causticizing process for stable and high-quality cooking liquor production.

Metso Metra represents the latest generation of fully automatic titrators for chemical recovery optimization. In addition to well-proven causticizing measurements, it may feature as an option unique online reduction degree measurement technology. This, together with process optimizing controls, enables more environmentally friendly recovery boiler operation, higher process throughput, maximum uptime as well as savings in cleaning chemical and fresh lime costs.

In the past 40 years, Metso's analyzer offering has become the global market leader and industry benchmark in many measurements. Metso Metra is yet another innovative analyzer that has been built on years of experience. Since its introduction in October 2012, it has been well received by pulp mills around the world.

The Rosenthal pulp mill is a subsidiary of Mercer International Inc. With its sister companies Zellstoff Stendal GmbH and Zellstoff Celgar Limited, ZPR is one of the leading manufacturers of Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft pulp in the world. www.zpr.de

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