Leading Manufacturer Improves Fluid Flow With New Product Offering

New Pulsation Dampeners Create Smooth, Continuous Flow

MENTOR, Ohio – All-Flo Pump Company is launching a new line of pulsation dampeners to aid in enhancing air-operated diaphragm pump reliability and performance by ensuring a smooth, continuous fluid flow. All-Flo pulsation dampeners are automatic, eliminating the need for manual pressure adjustments, and are self-charging and self-venting.

Designed to work alongside the wide array of All-Flo pumps, the All-Flo pulsation dampeners are available in a variety of sizes, materials and connection types. In order to provide pulsation dampeners that significantly reduce pulsating flows in a wide range of pump sizes used by various industries, pulsation dampeners are available in eight sizes, ranging from ¼ inch through 3 inch. All-Flo pulsation dampeners are also available in four materials: polyethylene, teflon, aluminum and stainless steel for maximum chemical compatibility.  Pulsation dampeners are available with many different connection types—providing customers with the ease and convenience of choosing a pulsation dampener that will work seamlessly along with their existing pump system.

"The addition of pulsation dampeners to All-Flo's product offerings provides customers with tools to improve an existing pump system's overall performance and accuracy by removing pulsation and fluid splashing," said Paul McGarry, All-Flo sales and marketing manager for North America. "For customers interested in creating a smooth, continuous flow of fluids during transfer processes, pulsation dampeners are ideal additions to any system."

About All-Flo

All-Flo is a leading manufacturer of Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps. Serving a variety of industries, including oil petroleum, petrochemical, food beverage, mining and construction, All-Flo works with a global network of distributors to ensure local availability and service. All-Flo offers a versatile range of durable and reliable pump solutions that can be customized for any application. All of All-Flo's products are made in America. To learn more, visit www.all-flo.com.

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