Leading Czech Bread Producer and Portuguese Retailer Select Alien Technology® RFID Solutions

International RFID Momentum Continues With Penam and Throttleman Implementations

November 6, 2007, Morgan Hill, Calif. - Alien Technology, an industry leader in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products and services, today announced that Penam, a leading bread producer in the Czech and Slovak republics, will use Alien® tags and readers to track three hundred thousand crates throughout their supply chain. Additionally, Portuguese fashion retailer Throttleman, has specified Gen 2 Alien Squiggle® inlays be used for the roll-out of its RFID pilot.

Barco s.r.o., the Value Added Solutions Provider (VASP) and Channel Partner for Alien Technology covering the Czech and Slovak Republics, was the integrator for the Penam project. "Penam was already well-versed with RFID and had decided that an EPC-compliant and UHF-based solution was the best technology for their crate-tracking application," said Jindrich Kocica, Senior Sales Manager for Barco. "The performance of the complete Alien RFID solution was very impressive; scoring the highest for consistencies in read rates and read range. For Penam, Alien was the clear choice for this large scale reusable carrier project."

"The Penam installation represents one of the largest reusable, closed-loop, EPC compliant installations in Europe today and we are honored to work with Barco to provide Penam with a complete RFID solution," said Stephen Crocker, Director of Channel Management and Sales for EMEA and India at Alien Technology.

Alien's leading partner in the Portuguese and Spanish markets, Creativesystems, specified Alien's Gen 2 tags as the de facto standard for all garments for the Throttleman pilot.

"The underlying purpose of tagging 1.5 million garments, each with an UHF RFID tag, was to enhance the throughput of garments through the distribution centers," said Miguel Maya, Associate General Director for Throttleman. "By reducing the time required to restock retail shelves, Throttleman will realize greater revenues. To accomplish this, we needed the fastest and most dependable UHF Gen 2 tag in the marketplace today."

Penam and Throttleman are the latest in a series of major European companies specifying Alien hardware and tags for RFID implementations. Alien Technology also recently announced four other international RFID implementations:

Racetimer of Sweden has implemented UHF solutions at race events around Europe. More than two hundred and fifty thousand runners have already benefited from improved efficiencies.

Italian based Griva, one of the world's leading textile manufacturers, realized a 30% return on investment in the form of time management savings and increased traceability of their fabric rolls as a result of implementing an Alien RFID reader and tag system.

The Municipality of Pendik, Istanbul, has installed the STS/Alien RFID vehicle tracking solution in their employee parking lots for complete traceability of vehicle locations.

Vicaima of Portugal, one the largest door manufacturers in Europe, specified Alien readers and tags to enhance the material flows throughout Vicaima's supply chain.

"The global uptake of RFID is a very real trend, one that we fully expect to continue," said George Everhart, chief executive officer at Alien Technology.

"Large, international businesses are adopting RFID for closed-loop systems and realizing returns on investment that cross a variety of industries. Alien is pleased to continue to work with our partners to deliver real results for RFID customers."

About Barco:

Barco has been operating on the IT market since 1993. Since its beginning it has been focused on auto-ID and AIDC systems based on barcoding and RFID technology, and its integration into existing ERP systems. As a system integrator in this area, Barco offers integrated portfolio of services - analyses and design, supply and deployment of mobile terminals, barcode scanners and their accessories, development of software equipment for terminals, development of customer tailor-made software for data collection and processing from terminals, supply of barcode printers and their integration into existing system, labels printout, expendable supplies and full customer after sales service. http://www.barco.cz/en

About Creativesystems

A pioneer in the application of RFID in a series of industrial, logistics, retail and services applications, Creativesystems holds a vast experience in this technology sector. The developed solutions prioritize simplicity and scalability, integrating beyond RFID to innumerable other automatic identification state of the art technologies, such as portable data terminals and barcode systems, amongst others. Creativesystems represents RFID equipment and solutions from Alien Technology, Printronix and Ekahau. For more information please visit the website: www.creativesystems.pt.

About Alien Technology

Founded in 1994, Alien Technology is a leading technology and product provider of UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Integrated Circuits (IC), tags, readers and professional services. Alien Gen 2 products, along with software solutions from partners, help solve business problems for customers to improve productivity, processes, security and asset tracking for closed-loop and supply chain systems. These solutions are currently implemented in industries such as consumer packaged goods, retail, manufacturing, transportation, airports and cargo logistics, government and defense, and more. Alien's patented Fluidic Self Assembly (FSATM) technology and related proprietary manufacturing processes are designed to enable the manufacture of high volume, low-cost RFID tags. Quatrotec, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Alien Technology, is a specialized professional services and technology firm that provides complete solutions to meet the sophisticated requirements of the transportation industry. Alien's facilities include corporate headquarters in Morgan Hill, CA; RFID tag manufacturing facility in Fargo, ND; the Alien RFID Solutions Center in Dayton, OH; Quatrotec's offices at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO); and sales offices in the US, Europe and Asia. Alien is a member of EPCglobal. For more information please visit www.alientechnology.com

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