Lead Bricks a Flexible Shielding Solution

“Lead brick shielding best choice for construction where temporary, permanent shields or storage areas are required.”

MarShield provides Lead bricks which are ideal for adding additional shielding to existing rooms and can be used in new construction as a method to reduce wall or ceiling thickness to achieve space savings. Cast from 99.94% pure virgin high quality lead as a standard or when more hardness in the bricks is required antimony is added. We offer interlocking Chevron style bricks for maximum protection where the highest level of X-ray, Beta and Gamma shielding is required or Straight type lead bricks for radiation shielding where interlocking bricks will not suit your application.


Interlocking Bricks

  • Easily erected, modified, disassembled and relocated

  • Unique interlocking "V" shape tongue and groove

  • Tight fitting for enhanced radiation protection

  • More stability over conventional straight bricks

Straight Bricks

  • Can be cut on site in any direction

  • Double stacked row configuration possible

  • Fast assembly

  • Ideal for marine ballast


  • Shielded Walls, Coves, Partitions

  • Temporary shielding

  • Transportation of radioactive material

  • Hot Cells

  • Glove Boxes

Feel free to contact our product engineering specialists at MarShield anytime for a consultation (800-381-5335). If you are familiar with lead brick shielding solutions, please use our online quotation tool (http://marshield.com/lead-brick-quotaton/) to define your requirements and estimate lead volume / weight.

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