LDO Integrated Circuits provide power management.

Press Release Summary:

Models MIC2213 and MIC2214 each consist of 2 low-dropout regulators, power-on reset supervisor, and open-drain driver with adjustable delay time. First regulator can source 150 mA of current, while second regulator can source 300 mA. Total current consumption is 48 µA. Suitable for portable applications, units are housed in 3 x 3 mm MicroLead Frame(TM) leadless package. They feature low dropout voltage of 120 mV at 150 mA and transient response of less than 10 µs.

Original Press Release:

Tiny LDO Power Management ICs Provide Smallest, Most Efficient Solution for Cell Phones

o Only 48uA of operating current for two LDO regulators, one power-on reset supervisor and an open-drain driver reduces current consumption by 75%
o New MLF(TM) 3mm x 3mm leadless package reduces solution size by 75%

"With this miniature size and 48uA operating current, these new devices have reset the standard for size, performance and current consumption in portable electronic devices." - Tony O'Brien, Micrel

SAN JOSE, Calif. - (June 11th, 2003) - Two new power management solutions for portable electronics such as cellular phones, PDAs and MP3 players are introduced by Micrel Semiconductor ( NASDAQ: MCRL www.nasdaq.com/asp/quotes_multi.asp?mode=Stock&symbol=MCRL) an industry leader in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits for the analog, power management, and high-speed communications markets.

The MIC221x family offers the highest performance, smallest size and most efficient power management solution for the portable electronics market. It consists of two low-dropout (LDO) regulators, a power-on reset (POR) supervisor and an open-drain driver.

The MIC2213 and MIC2214 offer a dual LDO regulator with an integrated POR supervisor and an open-drain driver. The first regulator (LDO1) is capable of sourcing 150mA of current, while the second regulator (LDO2) can source 300mA and has a POR circuit that detects faults on the output. The MIC2213/4 allows the user to program the delay on the POR to alert the processor when the output of the LDO has reached and settled to its intended voltage. This feature allows for sequencing and fault detection for the processor's supply voltages. The MIC2213/4 also offers an open-drain, N-Channel MOSFET that can be used to drive external LEDs for backlighting applications in portable electronics.

The total current consumption of the MIC2213/4 is only 48uA, compared to existing discrete solutions that consume 200uA. The MIC2213 offers the additional benefit of sequencing between two LDO outputs. LDO1 must reach 90% of its final value prior to LDO2 turning on, ensuring LDO1 is on first.

"The MIC2213 and MIC2214 are the smallest available integrated LDO solutions for portable applications, packaged in the 3mm x 3mm MicroLead Frame (MLF(TM)), a new power package which saves significant space over existing SOT or SOIC types of packaging," said John McGinty, LDO product marketing engineer. "The MLF-3x3 package reduces the overall solution size by 75% over existing discrete solutions. With this miniature size, and an operating current of only 48uA, the MIC2213/4 has redefined the standard for size, performance and current consumption in portable electronics," O'Brien continued.

The MIC2213 and MIC2214 are uCap regulators, stable with small ceramic output capacitors, eliminating the need for larger, less reliable tantalum capacitors.

In thousand-piece quantities, the MIC2213/4 starts at $0.90 each. Samples are from stock, and production quantities are stock to 8 weeks ARO.

Summary of Features and Applications
MIC2213/4 Power Management ICs

o 2 LDO outputs
o LDO1 - 150mA output current
o LDO2 - 300mA output current
o 1 open-drain driver
o Power-on reset supervisor with adjustable delay time
o Ultra-low quiescent current of 48uA
o Low dropout voltage of only 120mV @ 150mA
o High output accuracy
o +/- 1.0% initial accuracy
o +/- 2.0% over temperature
o Stable with ceramic output capacitor
o Fast transient response: settles in less than 10us
o Low noise and high PSRR
o Logic enable input
o Fully protected
o Current limit
o Thermal Shutdown
o Junction temperature range: -40degC to +125degC

o Cellular phones
o PDAs
o MP3 players
o Portable computers

Micrel Semiconductor is a leading manufacturer of advanced, high performance communications, clock management, Ethernet switch and physical layer transceiver, mixed signal, analog and power ICs. These products include devices for fiber-optic telecommunications and networking, cellular telephones, servers, portable computer systems, computer peripherals, process control systems, consumer electronics and power supplies.

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