LCR Meter troubleshoots small SMT components.

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Integrating digital LCR-meter with tweezer probes, Smart Tweezers provide inductance, capacitance, and resistance measurements for testing and troubleshooting SMT components. With touch of tweezer tips to component, handheld unit automatically delivers measurements with basic accuracy of 0.2%. Additional functions include onboard impedance testing, diode and continuity tests, and component sorting.

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LCR-meter Smart Tweezers from Siborg Systems Expands Global Presence for High-Tech Solutions

OTTAWA, Ontario,  -- Smart Tweezers LCR-meter from Canada's Siborg Systems Inc. is a handheld digital LCR-meter that is taking the electronics industry by storm. The lightweight device is now offered in 27+ countries worldwide, on 5 continents from partners gained recently, such as: Bokar International in Pennsylvania, SIBBIS International in Maryland, Advance Tech Services in New Delhi, India, Production Solutions in Poland, CF System Technology in Selangor, Malaysia, Dipaul in St. Petersburg, Russia, GoldTek Co. Ltd. in Suzhou, China, PrintTec in the Netherlands, VanDevice and Newly-Tsuchiyama in Tokyo, and KT International in Nagoya, Indonesia. Siborg Systems Inc. has also begun developing a new model of Smart Tweezers with the Russian Academy of Sciences, established the first licensed calibration facility in Europe, and launched regional websites for the popular device.

Smart Tweezers LCR-meter is an automatic Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance (LCR) meter, designed specifically for Surface Mount Technology (SMT). The integration of a digital LCR-meter with the tweezer probes has completely revolutionized testing and troubleshooting of small SMT components. Where conventional bench-type testers are clunky and require tedious setting-up, Smart Tweezers are small, lightweight and fully automatic, but still offer quick and accurate measurements. With a basic accuracy of 0.2%, Smart Tweezers feature measurements with just a touch of the tweezer tips to a component, as well as on-board impedance testing, diode and continuity tests, and component sorting.

With the initial offering on the market a few years ago, Smart Tweezers LCR-meter has gained global recognition as a high quality, professional tool used by virtually all major high-tech companies worldwide. Companies in many countries that offer electronic components, tools and consumables, unanimously agree that Smart Tweezers LCR-meter rightfully has a spot within their lines of products.

"In all electronic production lines, Smart Tweezers LCR-meter comes in handy perfectly complementing powerful but sometimes hard to use bench-type electronic test equipment. Smart Tweezers LCR-meter is an extremely useful tool, allowing to verify results of optical inspection," says Jason Yeh, Sales Manager at GoldTek Co. Ltd. in Suzhou, China.

"By the nature of our business we are in direct contact with many Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers and designers of new electronic products," says Yoshitaka Sato, Director at Van Device Ltd. "They all value Smart Tweezers, the ultimate LCR-meter for Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Light-weight, ease-of-use and accuracy make Smart Tweezers an indispensable tool for PCB debugging and testing as well as component characterization."

Siborg Systems this year, along with Bokar International and Production Solutions, opened the first manufacturer licensed Calibration Facility for Smart Tweezers in Poland. This facility allows European users to re-calibrate their devices in Poland, rather than having to ship them to North America in order to stay ISO compliant. Sending the devices back to Canada for calibration is an arduous task, thus many companies relied on a third party calibration technique that doesn't actually change the calibration coefficients. This method does not guarantee that Smart Tweezers is working optimally.

Following the launch of Smart Tweezers sales in so many locations, Siborg released regional websites featuring video tutorials and helpful tips for users, including the Smart Tweezers Blog. Each website is catered to users by location, such as Canada, USA, India, China, etc.

Siborg Systems has also begun working with the Institute of Automation and Electrometry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in developing a new version of Smart Tweezers with a lower manufacturing cost.

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