Latest Radio Wave Ranging Sensors from Socionext are Ideal for Operating Appliances

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  • Utilizes 60GHz frequency band and detects individual's location and movement with accuracy and precision
  • Equipped in 7mm X 7mm X 0.83mm and operates with power consumption of 1~2.5mW
  • Available in SC1220AT2 and SC1221AR3 models which detects three-dimensional movements and two-dimensional movements respectively

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Socionext Delivers Ultra-Compact, Low-Power 60GHz Wide-Band Radar Sensors for Advanced Applications

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Socionext America Inc. today introduced the SC1220 Series radio wave ranging sensors, a new addition to the company's family of radar sensors, which utilizes 60GHz frequency band and detects individual's location and movement with very high accuracy and precision. Samples are now available, with volume production scheduled in the second quarter of 2020.

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The SC1220 series radar sensors comply with the new 60GHz wireless equipment band, which is available in North America and Europe. High-precision sensing using a 7GHz (57 ~ 64 GHz) bandwidth allows the SC1220 series to detect a person's location and very minute movements. These capabilities make the series ideal for advanced applications such as operating appliances using hand gestures. Since the radar sensors are generally not susceptible to environmental conditions such as temperature and light fluctuations, they can be used in a variety of applications, including smart home devices.

By leveraging the expertise gained through the development of millimeter-wave wireless communication ICs and 24GHz radar sensors, Socionext was the first company worldwide to develop 60GHz radar sensor in a small package of only 7mm X 7mm X 0.83mm. The sensors also operate with very low power consumption of 1~2.5mW. The SC1220 radar sensors are highly-integrated and easy-to-use devices that incorporate antenna, wireless circuit, A/D converter, FIFO memory, SPI interface and intelligent power control sequencer for flexible duty cycle control, and do not require advanced knowledge by users in handling high-frequency devices.

Two types of products are now available. The "SC1220AT2" detects three-dimensional movements such as the lifting and lowering of a person's hands. The "SC1221AR3" specializes in high-precision detection of two-dimensional movements, and is capable of detecting multiple moving objects in a specific area.

Socionext proposes advanced sensing applications through its unique lineup of radar sensor products, and aims to become a market leader in this field by bringing new and enhanced user experiences.

SC1220 Series sample price: (@100 units)

SC1220AT2 US $20.00 ea.

SC1221AR3 US $20.00 ea.

Details and Specifications for the SC1220

                                                               SC1220AT2                                                                       SC1221AR3

Power Consumption                            2.5mW (at 0.5% Duty Cycle)                                             1mW (at 0.2% Duty Cycle)

Transmitter                                           Frequency 57.1 – 63.9GHz                                                Frequency 60.025 – 61.475GHz

Package                                                FC-LGA 7mm X 7mm X 0.83mm                                       FC-BGA 9mm X 9mm X 0.98mm


The most suitable sensor for detecting three-dimensional motions. It comes with a built-in antenna of 2 transmission systems and 2x2 reception array, and can detect azimuth, elevation angle, speed and distance. In addition to presence detection, the device can sense the position of a person's hands in a three-dimensional space, which is ideal for operations requiring gestures.

Click here to see SC1220AT2 usage examples

This sensor is ideal for two-dimensional motion detection. It incorporates a 1x4 linear array receiver antenna to detect azimuth, speed and distance of multiple moving objects. Although the angle detection is only available in the azimuth direction, it is two times more precise than SC1220AT2, which is suitable for detecting a person entering a specific area.

Click here to see SC1221AR3 usage examples

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