Latest MSC Apex CAE Simulation Platform Now Comes with Iberian Lynx Workflow

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The MSC Apex Computer-Aided Engineering Simulation Platform now allows users to import MSC Natran model, edit/modify mesh topology, attribute the model, create scenarios and generate ready-to-run Nastran file. It enables FEA engineers to assess the model’s response and improve day-to-day efficiency. The new workflow helps users to improve pre/post processing productivity by up to 10 times. The platform is embedded with direct-modeling technology and automation scripting capability.

Original Press Release:

MSC Apex Iberian Lynx - Achieve 10x Productivity Enhancement in Pre/Post-Processing for MSC Nastran Using MSC Apex

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., January 16, 2019 ( - MSC Software Corporation, a part of Hexagon, today announced the latest release of MSC Apex, the company's award-winning Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation platform. The latest release, Iberian Lynx, enables enhanced interoperability between MSC Apex and MSC Nastran, by combining the world-class CAE user experience of MSC Apex with the industry's most trusted multi-disciplinary FEA solver, MSC Nastran.

With this new workflow, MSC Apex users can import MSC Nastran models, edit/modify mesh topology, attribute the model, create scenarios and generate a ready-to-run Nastran file for external Nastran solvers very quickly. Moreover, now that MSC Nastran results file can be imported into MSC Apex, users can also conduct post-processing in MSC Apex after the MSC Nastran analysis is finished. Taking advantage of the unique results exploration capabilities in MSC Apex, FEA engineers can accurately assess the model's response and vastly improve their day-to-day efficiency.

Thanks to the new "Apex-Nastran-Apex" workflow, existing MSC Nastran users can now improve their pre/post processing productivity by up to 10 times. The powerful underlying direct-modeling technology and automation scripting capability that are part of MSC Apex, geometry creation and meshing of a large assembly model can be condensed to up to one-tenth of the original time, enabling engineers to spend more time on design exploration and developing better products for their customers faster.

"Iberian Lynx is a milestone release for MSC Apex. It now allows MSC Nastran users to fully leverage the efficiency and experience of MSC Apex modeling and results processing," says Hugues Jeancolas, VP of Product Management at MSC Software. "While many of our customers have chosen MSC Apex for its ease-of-use and integrated FE solver to deploy simulation solutions to non-specialists, we found that this MSC Nastran interoperability approach helps us deliver 10x productivity to expert users for a wide range of benchmark test cases. This is a major step forward and I encourage all MSC Nastran users to take advantage of this exciting workflow enhancement."

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