Latest Hydromat Water Collection Mat is Constructed Using Vinyl Coated Fabric

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The Hydromat Water Collection Mat is designed for capturing wasterwater from equipment washing or recovery of disinfectant and/or seed sterilant solutions. The product comes with water retention air berm on the perimeter that is inflated using a battery powered rechargeable air pump. It is equipped with Hydroblaster that is capable of carrying 850 gal of fresh water and 650 gal of filtered and recycled water. The hydromat features lockable system enclosure and freeze protection for all tanks and pumping systems.

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Hydro Engineering Inc Produces a Quick, Deployable Equipment Wash Rack

Meet environmental requirements by capturing wastewater from equipment washing and agricultural inspection wash down. Hydromats quickly deploy creating containment of wash water. Collected water is pumped to Hydroblaster where it is filtered and recycled for continuous use.

SALT LAKE CITY (PRWEB) OCTOBER 02, 2018 - Newly designed trailer mounted equipment washing and decontamination system from Hydro Engineering, Inc. integrates on board water storage, high pressure hot water cleaning, wash water recovery, water filtration and recycled water retention tanks into a simple to deploy and operate system. 

The trailer mounted diesel engine powered Hydroblaster includes: fresh water carrying capacity of 850 gallons, filtered and recycled water capacity of 650 gallons, oil water separation, solids filtration to 5 microns, easy access drains, complete freeze protection for all tanks and pumping systems, lockable system enclosure, Hydromat portable wastewater collection mat with shield strips. 

Capturing wastewater from equipment washing or recovery of disinfectant and/or seed sterilant solutions used in decontamination and agricultural seed control are widely accepted applications for Hydro Engineering’s Hydromat. The Hydromat is quickly deployed to create a fluid containment wash pad where fluids can be collected and then filtered and recycled for continuous use. 

Hydromat is constructed using heavy weight (35 ounce) vinyl coated fabric that makes it tough and resistant to tearing and abrasion. The perimeter water retention air berm is quickly inflated with a battery powered rechargeable air pump. A surface level fluid skimming pump is placed in a low spot that serves as the fluid collection point. Fluid is pumped back to the Hydroblaster for filtration and recycling through the wash process. 

Hydromat life expectancy is significantly improved with the addition of abrasion resistant Hydromat shield strips that protect fabric from punctures or tears. Shield strips are placed under and over Hydromat through vehicle track lanes to meet load requirement from trucks to heavy rubber tracked vehicles. 

To extend deployment intervals the Hydroblaster fluid source can be toggled between filtered recycled wash water for washing and fresh water for final equipment rinsing.

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