Latching System electronically locks/unlocks cabinet doors.

Press Release Summary:

Intevia® intelligent fastening system provides integrated locking control and interior lighting system for aircraft stowage cabinets. It operates in response to touch-sensitive door handle that operates pair of latches mounted at top and bottom of doors. Self-adjusting slip studs ensure correct alignment with latch mechanism, and illuminated, 2-color LEDs in touch-pad door handle indicate system lock-unlock status and also activate programmable cabinet interior lighting.

Original Press Release:

Textron Fastening Systems Introduces Integrated Intevia® Stowage Latch and Lighting System

o Touch-Sensitive System Electronically Locks and Unlocks Cabinet Doors

HAMBURG, Germany (April 4, 2006) - Textron Fastening Systems Inc., a subsidiary of Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT), has introduced an Intevia® intelligent fastening system featuring an integrated locking control and interior lighting system that delivers enhanced functionality and performance for aircraft stowage cabinets.
The new system is on display at the company's booth at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2006 in Hamburg, Germany, in a full-size, first class stowage cabinet from MacCarthy Interiors. MacCarthy, a UK-based aircraft interior design, manufacture and certification company, is marketing the Intevia®-equipped cabinets to commercial aircraft producers worldwide.

The Intevia® system operates in response to a touch-sensitive door handle that sends digital commands to a pair of latches mounted at the top and bottom of the doors. The latches respond instantly, operate silently, are energy efficient, and weigh substantially less than traditional electro-mechanical solenoid locking devices.

The slim-profile latches mount flush into cabinet doors with 10-millimeter panel thickness, helping reduce weight in cabinet floor and ceiling construction. Specially designed, self-adjusting slip studs ensure correct alignment with the latch mechanism.

Illuminated, two-color LEDs in the touch-pad door handle indicate system lock-unlock status, and also activate programmable cabinet interior lighting. An optical sensor allows interior lights to be dimmed and brightened to match the cabin lighting level. Lighting and locking also can be programmed through a remote three-button key fob, or through a communications network interface.

"The Intevia® latching system is the first in a series of intelligent fastening systems that will be operating in aircraft interiors," said Textron Fastening Systems President Rick Clayton. "These systems provide total integration of latching, sensing, lighting and control electronics in a single assembly while enhancing cabin safety and security."

The latch system is controlled through a Bluetooth-equipped universal control module that provides networking interface between locking, sensing, lighting and control devices controls. Proprietary TZ-OS operating system brings computing power to the fastener locking device.

Headquartered in Troy, Mich., USA, Textron Fastening Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of value-based fastening solutions, engineered fastening systems, state-of-the art assembly technology, and inventory management and application engineering services. With 9,000 employees worldwide, Textron Fastening Systems supplies value-added products, systems, and services to customers in more than 150 countries.

For more information about Intevia® call (800) 854-3122 in the U.S. and Canada, or visit

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