Last Mile Proppant Delivery System substantially reduces noise.

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Including container, convey or belts and mobile prop-tracking software system, Last Mile Proppant Delivery system meets OSHA respirable crystalline silica standard set. Eliminating trucking standby time and traffic jams , Unit offers less dusty environment onsite. System is designed to enhance safety of sand delivery for oil and gas well fracturing process. Using patent pending and proprietary PropX containers, system delivers proppant on multi-stage.

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Proppant Express Solutions (PropX) Announces Launch of Last Mile Proppant Delivery System

Proppant Express Solutions (PropX) Announces Launch of Last Mile Proppant Delivery System

PropX is a containerized sand logistics solution with integrated mobile tracking software

Systems deployed with leading pressure pumpers in the Permian and DJ Basins

Utilizes conventional flatbed trailers optimizing load volumes to match local road weight limits

 Proppant Express Solutions ("PropX") today unveils its innovative last mile proppant delivery system, designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of sand delivery for the oil and gas well fracturing process. PropX systems have successfully delivered proppant on multi-stage, high sand-intensity well pads for multiple clients using our patent pending and proprietary PropX containers, PropBeast™ conveyor systems, and PropX mobile-device prop-tracking app.

PropX is a partnership between well-known industry and technology companies, including Hi-Crush Partners LP. PropX systems provide users the most efficient and flexible method of transporting proppant to the well site at the lowest cost per ton, while substantially reducing noise and silica dust exposure. Clients can choose to lease or buy the PropX system which includes containers, conveyor belts and the industry's first mobile prop-tracking software system.

"The launch of PropX provides crucial technology for delivering proppant to today's multi-well pad, high intensity fracture stimulation operations, which consistently challenge even the best operations and supply chain groups," said Kevin Fisher, President and CEO of PropX. "We believe that our system provides the most cost effective and efficient transport of proppant from transload to blender by allowing more sand volume per truckload (reducing truck traffic and delivery costs), significantly reducing or eliminating trucking standby time, traffic jams, and by providing a safer, quieter, and less dusty environment onsite. The design of this purpose-built equipment and delivery process, under development for 4 years, is a result of understanding customer needs while looking ahead to the industry's next phase of growth in proppant demand intensity. This is a system designed by frac people for frac people."

The PropX solution is designed to provide our customers with an engineered solution to assist in meeting the latest OSHA respirable crystalline silica standards set to become effective in 2018. In addition to the environmental benefits of dust and noise reduction, the system allows for 10X decrease in onsite unloading time compared to pneumatic transports.

About PropX

Proppant Express Solutions LLC designs, leases and sells the PropX system, and also provides training and support to onsite operations teams in the use of the system. A passion for innovation drives our commitment to working with our customers to improve logistics efficiency. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Kevin Fisher, President & CEO of PropX, Web Site: 

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