LASSE Using Agileo Automation and Cimetrix for Next Generation Systems

Cimetrix GEM 300 Toolkit is Integrated with Agileo Automation Equipment Software

Agileo Automation and Cimetrix Inc. announced today that LASSE (Laser Systems and Solutions of Europe) is using the Agileo A²ECF equipment automation solution and the Cimetrix CIM300™ software toolkit for their next generation of equipment.

LASSE, a subsidiary of SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions, is a process equipment manufacturer, developing laser annealing tools for the semiconductor industries. When LASSE recognized the challenges of automating their tools and integrating them with a wide range of robotics platforms (Equipment Front End Modules or EFEMs) - such as 6-axis robot for thin wafer handling and 200mm and 300mm wafer handling - they turned to Agileo Automation to develop a turnkey solution. Agileo, a Cimetrix Partner, will integrate the Cimetrix CIM300 software into their equipment monitoring software framework, A²ECF, and then deploy the integration into the LASSE equipment.

A²ECF is an equipment automation solution that supports major EFEM platforms and delivers process and alarm management, recipe management, SEMI E95 compliant graphical user interface, and customizable schedulers with graphical representation.

The Cimetrix CIM300 toolkit supports the development of SEMI GEM 300 standards, such as E94 (Control Job), E40 (Standard for Processing Management), and E87 Specification for Carrier Management).

Mr. Olivier Sannier, Software Department Manager at LASSE, stated "Thanks to the joint solution proposed by Agileo Automation and Cimetrix, we could focus our attention on our core business - the laser process itself. LASSE will benefit from the expertise of both companies. Cimetrix, as the expert in SEMI standards, ensures we have a fully featured and up-to-date SEMI GEM 300 interface. Agileo Automation supported LASSE during the entire project, from equipment definition all the way through to on-site commissioning. Agileo integrated their equipment control software into our annealing tools to ensure efficient operation, enable effective interfaces with different robotics platforms, and implement host interfaces to comply with SEMI GEM 300 standards."

Mr. Sannier continued, "Agileo’s A²ECF software is an open solution, allowing LASSE to develop and integrate its own process panels and business logic inside A²ECF. This allows us to manage product enhancement and evolution with our own engineering team. We are now moving to A²ECF V4.3 to benefit from latest evolution of the product."

The system is now deployed and operational in 5 different fabs worldwide.

For more information, on the above products, visit the Cimetrix and Agileo Automation websites.

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About Agileo Automation

Agileo Automation is an industrial automation and robotics software service expert for semiconductor and photo-voltaic equipment manufacturers.

Agileo Automation has developed control software for 25+ semi-conductor and PV equipment platforms in multiple worldwide factories thanks mainly to the A²ECF equipment controller framework.

Wafer Reticle sorters, PV cell loaders, and complex process tools such as plasma implant, laser annealing, ion implanter and chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) tools are among the equipment connected to the factory automation through Agileo Automation software. Agileo Automation is committed to provide high quality customer support including solutions that range from equipment design to on-site equipment install, qualification and certification by the end user.

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About Cimetrix Incorporated

Cimetrix (OTCQB: CMXX) develops and supports factory automation software products for the global semiconductor, photovoltaic, LED, and other electronics industries. Cimetrix factory connectivity software allows for rapid and reliable implementation of the SEMI SECS/GEM, GEM 300, PV2, and EDA standards. Cimetrix products can be found in virtually every 300mm semiconductor factory worldwide and include CIMControlFramework™, CIMConnect™, CIM300™, and CIMPortal™ Plus. The added value of Cimetrix passionate Support and Professional Services delivers an outstanding solution for precision equipment companies worldwide. Cimetrix is an active member in Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), including the SEMI PV Group.

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