Laser Wafer Scribers offer frontside/backside capabilities.

Press Release Summary:

All JPSA laser wafer scribing systems support Dual Side Scribe (DSS) processing capability, which lets operators perform frontside and backside scribing for LED, sapphire, GaAs, Si, and metal wafers. Backside camera technology promotes accuracy with accelerated alignment times for DSS systems. In addition to facilitating conversion from frontside to backside scribing, technology supports high-throughput backside scribing at speeds to 150 mm/sec with no debris or damage to epi layer.

Original Press Release:

JPSA Introduces Dual Side Scribe (DSS) Capability for JPSA Laser Systems

Semicon Shanghai, March 17, 2009 - JP Sercel Associates, Inc., (JPSA), Manchester, NH, USA a leader in LED wafer scribing systems introduces new Dual Side Scribe (DSS) processing for its laser wafer scribing systems. JPSA provides DSS capability across a wide range of laser wafer scribing systems to perform both front side and backside scribing for LED, sapphire, GaAs, Si, and metal wafers, depending on wafer processing requirements.

JPSA utilizes its proprietary backside camera technology to produce the highest accuracy with fast alignment times for the DSS systems. JPSA has achieved high throughput backside scribing at speeds up to 150mm per second with no debris or damage to the epi layer.

The DSS is available on all JPSA scribing systems, and is also a field upgrade to all existing JPSA scribing systems such as; IX 210, IX 300, IX 6100. The DSS system allows for easy conversion from front side to backside scribing.

Charlie Cuneo, President of JPSA, said, "For many years, JPSA has been at the forefront of advanced deep UV front side laser scribing. With our recent advances in backside scribing, namely a new laser absorption enhancement technique, we are able to offer our customers their choice of highly efficient scribing processes that best meets their production requirements."

JPSA is known worldwide for producing high reliability industrial systems based upon UV, Excimer, DPSS and ultrafast laser technology. The company's micromachining systems, laser beam delivery systems, automation, and motion control systems are used in photovoltaic, semiconductor, biomedical, and other industrial applications. JPSA Laser also performs contract manufacturing, optical design consulting, applications development and excimer laser refurbishment services. Founded in 1994, JPSA Laser recently moved to expand their facility in Manchester, NH. For more information on JPSA Laser, visit

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