Laser Systems offer optional optics for detailed engraving.

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Professional and XL Series Laser Systems offers High Powered Density Focusing Optics(TM) to engrave small text, produce high-resolution graphics and photographs, and vector mark and cut thin lines. Users can scribe or etch directly on some uncoated metals, such as stainless steel, without use of marking compounds.

Original Press Release:

Universal Laser Systems Introduces New Option

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - (April 12, 2004) Universal Laser Systems, Inc. announces the introduction of a new option for the Professional and XL Series laser system lines: High Power Density Focusing Optics(TM).

HPDF optics reduces the focused spot size, produces finer, more detailed engraving, and increases cutting depth. It is interchangeable with the standard lenses included with all Universal Professional or XL laser systems. With the addition of the High Power Density Focusing Optics (HPDF) option, the user is able to engrave smaller text, produce higher resolution graphics and photographs, vector mark and cut thinner lines, and cut deeper. It is even possible to scribe and/or etch directly on some uncoated metals, such as stainless steel, without the use of marking compounds.

An increase in customer demand for finer detailed engraving and cutting without having to upgrade to a larger system or higher power laser cartridge spurred ULS to develop the High Power Density Focusing Optics. According to Vince Budetti, Technical Services Manager at Universal, "The patent-pending technology in the HPDF optics expands the diameter of the laser beam and concentrates that expanded energy at the focus point to produce a smaller spot size that has a much higher power density." Budetti adds, "With this option added to a Universal laser system, customers will definitely see that the resolution is dramatically improved." And for customers with older ULS models, field retrofit kits will be available. Check with the factory for details.

Universal offers a complete line of laser engraving systems, with table sizes ranging from 16x12 to 48x24 and laser power up to 150 watts. Universal also manufactures the CO2 lasers used in their laser systems and sold to OEMs worldwide.

For information and pricing on the new High Power Density Focusing Optics, call 1-800-859-7033 or email

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