Laser System includes material storage tower.

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AXEL-L is comprised of CO2 laser machine with integrated material loading and unloading linked to warehouse featuring one or more material storage units. Material enters warehouse through de-palletizing station and is conveyed to elevator, which places material into tower. Each tower stores 12-14 pallets capable of holding 6,000 lb of sheet material 1.5 x 3 m in size. GE-Fanuc control reproduces programmed contours, producing acute angles at high speed.

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Strippit/LVD Introduces New Axel-LT High-Speed Laser System with Material Storage Tower

Akron, New York-Strippit/LVD introduces the new AXEL-LT system comprised of an AXEL-L high performance CO2 laser machine with integrated material loading and unloading linked to a warehouse featuring one or more material storage units. The space-saving system allows optimal material flow and unattended operation, providing uninterrupted processing of high-quality laser cut parts.

Material enters the warehouse through a de-palletizing station that facilitates the removal of steel banding and other shipping materials. After the material type, thickness and size are entered into the tower administrator, the material is automatically conveyed to an elevator, which places the material into the tower. Each tower unit has storage capacity of 12 to 14 pallets capable of holding 6,000 pounds of sheet material 1.5 x 3 meters in size.

Single CNC Control for System
Each piece of the system is controlled through a single CNC control for easy and efficient monitoring and programming. The AXEL-LT features Strippit/LVD's WinExecuter software, which manages both the laser and warehouse.

The Job List, a unique feature of the software, continually checks the material of the programmed part against the catalog of sheets and material in the towers. Each sheet in the warehouse is referenced to a material type and the corresponding weight of the sheet is recorded, allowing material to be selected by the number of sheets required for the job list or by weight.

Sheet and material lists required for parts nesting are created by Strippit/LVD's off-line CADMAN-L 3D programming software. An optional CAM-software package for laser cutting, CADMAN-L 3D, provides interactive CAD techniques, DXF file importation, automatic or interactive determination of cutting sequences, nesting, full cutting path simulation, and DNC linking. A copy of the list generated by the CADMAN-L 3D software is downloaded through the local network to the WinExecuter management program on the production floor.

During the machine operator's execution of the Job List at the machine control, automatic commands request the tower administration to process the appropriate material in sufficient volume to complete the job. If extra sheets are required, the operator can initiate a new supply of material through push button control.

The control provides a graphic simulation of the warehouse system to assist the operator in tracking movement of the material. Visualization of the automatic process provides the operator with a sequence of events from the time the material leaves the tower until the empty or partially empty pallet returns to the tower.

Stacked sheets positioned at the warehouse loading station are picked up individually by a gantry style, vacuum sheet loading system and placed on the forks of the load/unload unit of the laser machine. The forks deposit the sheet on the cutting table of the laser and return to its home position to begin the cutting process.

Finished parts are lifted from the laser cutting table by the fork unit, placed on a motorized pallet and conveyed away from the cutting area.

High-performance Laser System
The AXEL machine features a rigid monoframe construction that incorporates high precision hardened guideways and optimal driving system to permit high-speed acceleration and positioning speeds.

Set-up of the AXEL laser is enhanced through the use of the Laser Eye, a unique optical sensor referencing system that allows automatic and non-contact sheet referencing. The sensor eliminates the need for excessive positioning of the workpiece on the table, allowing scratch-free part processing. This feature is also useful for the processing of punched sheets, bent or deep drawn parts, and tubes.

An optional NC Focus feature provides programmable adjustment of the focal position, eliminating operator intervention for adjustment of the focal point. Piercing time is also drastically reduced.

Outstanding Edge Quality
The AXEL also features a constant beam length system that keeps the diameter of the laser beam constant and consequently always maintains a fixed focal point position. This results in higher cutting speeds and superior cut quality maintained over the entire working area.

AXEL's edge function feature allows sharp corners to be cut in a range of materials, including thick plate. The machine's start-up function provides optimal lead-ins. A total power control feature automatically adjusts the laser power in relation to the cutting speed.

Other system features that permit the processing of high quality parts include a pulse function for precise cutting of smaller holes; back reflection control for cutting aluminum, copper and other reflective materials; and an optional piercing sensor to control the piercing and cutting process.

Integrated Laser & CNC Control
AXEL employs the highly reliable GE-Fanuc HF fast flow CO2 laser source with high-frequency excitation. The laser, CNC control, drives and motors are fully integrated, providing superior processing speed, high reliability, and low operating and maintenance costs.

The integrated GE-Fanuc control provides perfect reproduction of programmed contours, producing acute angles at high speed. All parameters, diagnostic and start-up procedures are conveniently displayed on a single color screen. The 32-bit control also features powerful mathematical capabilities and an extensive material library.

Strippit/LVD is a leading manufacturer of metalforming equipment, including laser cutting machines, CNC turret punch presses, flexible fabricating systems, press brakes, shears, and programming software.

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