Laser Sensor suits high-speed/accuracy applications.

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Sensor tracks object displacements and running profile changes at speeds of up to 200 kHz and resolves thickness variations as fine as 0.007 µm. Sensor, with twin-viewing axes, has 30 µm dia laser spot size, observation angle of 43°, and stand-off of 0.6 or 1.18 in. It automatically compensates for differences in object color and surface, and tracks pits, surface textures, and increases in object height. Measuring range is 0.04-0.79 in.

Original Press Release:

Laser Twin Sensor Ideal for High Speed/High Accuracy Applications In Numerous Industries

DETROIT, Michigan - A laser twin sensor with one of the fasted frequency rates in the industry that offers twin-viewing axes and features an unusual combination of being very fast and very accurate at the same time has been introduced by LMI Selcom.

Designed for tight spots and demanding industrial applications, the compact and rugged Laser Twin Sensor (LTS) from LMI Selcom tracks object displacements or running profile changes at extremely high speeds of up to 200 kHz, one of the fastest frequency rates in the industry. The sensor also resolves thickness variations as fine as 0.007µm when averaged at 100 Hz and realizes accuracies in microns and resolutions in sub-microns.

Among other features of the Class IIIb LMI Selcom LTS sensor are its small laser spot size of 30 micrometers in diameter, large observation angle of 43 degrees and stand-off of 0.6 inches (15mm) or 1.18 inches (30mm). The Selcom sensor also has the ability to automatically compensate for differences in the object's color and surface, the ability to track the smallest pits, surface textures and sharp increases in object height, and the capability to measure both on frosted and furbished surfaces. Down spikes during the change of the objects color are also compensated for by the twin detectors.

According to LMI Selcom, the sensor's small laser spot size combined with its high speed and high accuracy capability make it ideal for applications such as vibration monitoring, measuring the thickness of thin coatings, numerous thickness measurement applications in various industries and coordinating small parts. Applications include cell phone connector measurement, ceramic PCB and assembly contouring, contouring bullets, measurement of spherical surfaces, rubber gear belt profiles, tape drive read head measurement and wire bonding tool check.

"The LMI Selcom Laser Twin Sensor is a very economic and practical sensor for OEM applications that want a sensor that's fast and high in accuracy," noted Mike Snow, Regional Sales Manager for LMI Selcom. "It has one of the highest frequency rates in the industry and can be used for virtually any application where speed and accuracy are desired. This makes it ideal for a multitude of industries such as microelectronics, paper, electronics and others that want to maintain their high standard of quality and efficiency.

LMI Selcom LTS Sensor Described

The LMI Selcom Laser Twin Sensor laser triangulation sensor emits a single laser beam that strike's the object surface, reflecting a spot through twin imaging optics onto two position sensitive detectors (PSD's). If the reflected spot on one PSD is obscured by a change in the blade's surface, the other PSD will see it. Using the two PSD's compensates for intensity variations within the laser spot and lateral sensitivity of the sensor is improved as well. Analog signal processing electronics translate the PSD output currents into a distance. Differences in the object's color and surface are automatically compensated for with variable power to the laser diode.

Measuring Range of the LMI Selcom LTS sensor is from 0.04 in. to 0.79 in. (1.0 to 20 mm), depending on the model selected and accuracy is lower than 0.1 percent of the measuring range. Sensors operate in temperatures from 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 50°C). Weight of the sensor is 26.8 oz (750 grams).

LMI Selcom is part of LMI Technologies, Inc, a global group headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, with focus on laser-based 3-D Machine Vision for process monitoring and control.

For more information on the LMI Selcom Laser Twin Sensor or any other of the company's laser triangulation sensors, contact LMI Technologies USA Inc. at 21666 Melrose Ave., Southfield, MI 48075 or call (248) 359-2409, FAX (248) 355-3283 or E-Mail LMI can be found on the internet at

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