Laser Scanner System helps create fire-investigation reports.

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With FARO Public Safety Laser Scanner and FireZone v10.6 software, fire investigators can measure and document fire scenes and minimize time they are exposed to hazardous investigation environments. Software creates diagrams from both manual measurements and 3D point clouds. Program's 2D/3D fire investigation tools and documentation features such as placards and bubble labels show location of evidence, photographs taken, and additional symbology in accordance with NFPA 170 standard.

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FARO Introduces FireZone 10.6 to Simplify Work Flows and Create Compelling Fire-Investigation Reports

LAKE MARY, Fla. -- FARO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FARO) announces the latest release of its Public Safety fire investigation software tool, FireZone Version 10.6. FARO's FireZone is used to create diagrams from both manual measurements and 3D point clouds of fire scenes, such as those captured with a FARO Public Safety Laser Scanner. This powerful software and hardware combination enables fire investigators to accurately measure and document a fire scene and significantly reduce the time they are exposed to hazardous investigation environments.

Studies have suggested that firefighters and fire investigators are up to 200% more likely to contract certain types of cancer due to exposure to harmful dusts, toxic gases, and vapors as part of their job.(1) Today's fire scenes are more likely than ever to have the presence of materials that are immediately dangerous to life and health due, in part, to the burning of chemically manufactured materials, including PVC, plastics, foams and polymers.(2)

"FARO's fire investigation tools can help reduce the time that fire and arson investigators are exposed to toxic environments in the performance of their jobs," stated Dr. Simon Raab, FARO's President and CEO. "With the FARO Public Safety Laser Scanner, an investigator can collect evidence at a fire scene in a fraction of the time compared to traditional collection methods.  FARO's FireZone software is the ideal tool to take accurate measurements, perform analysis, create 3D models of the scene, and prepare courtroom documentation using the laser scanner data - all from the safety of the investigator's office."

The newest version of FireZone introduces several new features that specifically help fire investigators prepare the diagrams and 3D representations discussed in the latest National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations, including:

-- Compatibility with the FARO Public Safety software Point Cloud Module allowing the user to open point cloud data captured with a 3D laser scanner and create 3D diagrams and representations, including a symbol damage tool to show the extent of fire damage to furniture, cabinets, appliances, and any other pre-drawn symbols in 3D

-- New textures and patterns used to show levels of charring, smoke damage and flame vectors

-- New 2D / 3D fire investigation tools and documentation features such as placards and bubble labels that show the location of evidence, photographs taken, witnesses, sample locations, fire origin markers, utility shut-offs and additional symbology in accordance with the NFPA 170 standard

-- New Wall Elevation Builder tools to quickly create 2D "exploded room" diagrams

FireZone has drawing and editing features to accurately diagram fire scenes in both 2D and 3D. Thousands of pre-drawn symbols can be added to any diagram to show such items as furniture, doors and windows, landscape features and evidence. The new fire investigation tools complement this existing feature set and provide fire investigators with more ways to diagram, analyze and professionally present their findings.

Fire investigators can also create compelling courtroom exhibits with FARO's FireZone software, including 3D diagrams and walk-throughs of the scene. When a point cloud of a fire scene is captured with a FARO Public Safety Laser Scanner, the investigator can create realistic presentations that will digitally take the jury to the scene. The point cloud can even be used in the courtroom to digitally show measurements, evidence locations and witness points of view.

Dr. Raab added, "For over 20 years, FireZone software has been used by thousands of firefighters to draw pre-fire plans and fire scene diagrams. The newest release of FireZone software is FARO's latest improvement to our Public Safety suite of software offerings, and demonstrates FARO's continuing commitment to improving our software products for the needs of our Public Safety customers."

Other products in FARO's Public Safety software suite include CrimeZone and CrashZone that are intended for law enforcement professionals and forensic investigators. FARO has also added significant enhancements to CrimeZone and CrashZone during the past year. These offerings, in conjunction with FARO's Public Safety Laser Scanners, allow FARO to provide a complete field-to-finish solution for fire, crash and crime investigations.

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