Laser Scanner detects and measures objects.

Press Release Summary:

ROD 4 offers detection range of 15 m and 190° scan area. Objects of only 20 mm can be detected at distance of 4 m. IP65-rated unit allows programming and storage of up to 4 pairs of detection ranges with parameterization software. It includes digital and serial outputs, and offers optional heating system for low-temperature applications. ROD 4 can determine surface areas and volumes, detect position and contour, and control and navigate Auto-Guided Vehicle Systems.

Original Press Release:

Leuze - Lumiflex : ROD 4; Laser Scanning System for Measurement Applications

The ROD 4 Laser Scanner from Leuze-Lumiflex has been designed specifically for use in object detection and measurement applications. With a detection ranges of 15 meters and a 190 degree scan area the ROD 4 is capable of performing tasks including the determination of surface areas and volumes, position and contour detection, or for the control and navigation of Auto-Guided Vehicle Systems. Due to the ROD 4's outstanding resolution, objects of only 20 mm's can be detected with the utmost reliability and accuracy at a distance of 4 meters. The ROD-4 allows programming and storage of up to 4 pairs of detection ranges with the help of its easy to use parameterisation software. The ROD-4 also features digital and serial outputs, has a protection rating of IP 65 and is available with an optional heating system for low temperature applications.

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