Laser Projection Kit aids application appropriate selection.

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Developers Kit helps system integrators and developers determine required type of laser projection for machine vision/imaging applications. In addition to 10 mW red laser, components include power supply, screw driver, focusing tool. Also, 7 exchangeable optical heads cover dot projection, homogeneous line with 20° and 40° fan angle (micro array lens), Gaussian distributed line with 90° fan angle, cross with 30° fan angle (DOE), 17 x 17 dot matrix (DOE), and 11 lines (DOE).

Original Press Release:

Great New Product to Run Along Side Any Lighting or Laser Articles

Do you have Machine Vision or Imaging applications but not sure what type of laser projection is required?

The "Developers Kit" from Z Lasers can be the answer!

The Kit was designed to meet the needs of system integrators and developers who are faced with constantly changing challenges in machine vision and imaging applications.

It includes a 10 mW red laser with adjustable power (via potentiometer) and 7 easy exchangeable optical heads :

dot projection
homogeneous line with 20° fan angle (micro array lens)
homogeneous line with 40° fan angle (micro array lens)
Gaussian distributed line with 90° fan angle
Cross with 30° fan angle (DOE)
17 x 17 dot matrix (DOE)
11 lines (DOE)

Further it includes a power supply, a screw driver for intensity adjustment and a focusing tool.

All packaged and in a neat compact case.

A extremely useful tool giving a cost effective answer.


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