Laser Processing Platform is machine vision-guided.

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FlexLase(TM) includes up to 4 machine vision cameras to support fully automated component handling as well as dynamic vision guided laser welding path trajectory compensation. Without requiring operator expertise or training in CNC programming, control software promotes manufacturing responsiveness to changing product features and modifications. Machine vision guided laser welding and motion control is used for automated parts handling, quality inspection, and laser welding/marking.

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Machine Vision Guided Laser Processing Platform Added to AEi's Flexible Automation Solutions

Flexible Automation System Uses Machine Vision Guided Laser Welding and Motion Control for Automated Parts Handling, Quality Inspection, Precise Laser Welding and Laser Marking

WILMINGTON, Mass.--Jan. 17, 2008--Automation Engineering Incorporated (AEi), a global supplier of high-precision, flexible automation systems announces FlexLase(TM), its flexible vision guided laser processing platform. AEi's vision guided laser processing platform includes up to four machine vision cameras to support fully automated component handling plus dynamic vision guided laser welding path trajectory compensation. The new precision automation platform minimizes production downtime and supports greater manufacturing responsiveness to rapidly changing product features and modifications due to its advanced but easy to operate control software. FlexLase eliminates the need for operator expertise and training in CNC programming.

According to AEi Chief Technology Officer Andre By, "Using machine vision as an integral part of our FlexLase station process control architecture enables our customers to easily define even the most complex laser welding and laser marking patterns and locations without the need for CNC or other traditional programming. This reduces setup time for new or modified products, which is important for job shops, contract manufacturers, and product development groups, as well as volume manufacturers with high product mix. Our use of machine vision also supports more precise laser welding, even if the component tolerances vary over time and from cycle to cycle."

The FlexLase platform is part of AEi's industry leading family of standard precision automation platforms. AEi customized and configured its most recently deployed FlexLase station to precisely laser weld and mark stainless steel casings for high-power density batteries used in deep-sea and space applications.

"While this particular FlexLase station welds and marks battery casings, this same FlexLase configuration can be used for processing other cylindrical shapes with a fairly wide range of heights and diameters without swapping out fixturing and tooling. Our use machine vision as well as our automatically adaptable fixturing and tooling makes this possible." By added.

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