Laser Photonics Announces 2009 High Power Sales Expectations and Trends

Lake Mary, FL., February 2, 2009 - Laser Photonics, the industry leader in developing advanced laser systems for material processing, announced at least a 300% growth in sales of its High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Systems Division, which includes the popular Titan Series, for its 2009 forecast. The company also reaffirms outperforming its 2008 forecast of a 250% increase in high power cutting systems alone. Additionally, Laser Photonics has also recently completed the implementation of its mass production plan, offering its customers the shortest lead times in the industry by shipping from stock.

Preliminary To-Date Sales Trends
o High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Systems growth of +70% annually in north America

o HPFLCS minimum growth of +300% annually

o Approximately 1500 High Power Laser Cutting machines sold in North America annually

o Sheet Metal Fabricators are converting over to Fiber Laser Systems from CO2 Systems

Jeff Cornell, Director of High Power Sales , said, "We look forward to illustrating our global awareness of these systems and continue to build our recognition in North America, led by aggressive direct sales, strategic partnerships, new office locations, and a strong distributor network. We believe that these are the key elements to reach our target market share goals of 5-10%."
Laser Photonics Sales Expectations Breakdown 2009
Fiber System Wattage Sales Increase
1KW 150%
2KW +80%
3KW-6KW 110%
7KW-9KW + 35%
10KW 350%

Laser Photonics has the largest line of High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Systems. More information along with videos of the systems in action can be found at These high powered systems are manufactured in various sizes and powers according to the customers' specific requirements. The standard tables in the Titan series are 4X8, 5X10, and 2 meters X 4 meters. Their powers range from 500W to the cutting edge, industry changing, 10KW power. These fiber laser cutting systems are ever increasing in worldwide popularity due to the cost saving benefits these systems offer.

Benefits of High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Systems:

o Less Power Consumption (Reducing Energy Costs)

o Longer Diode Life (Reducing Maintenance Cost)

o The Same Unit Can Cut, Mark, Weld or Drill (Reducing Equipment Costs)

o Less Maintenance (No lamps to replace or Mirrors to Clean or Align)

o More Compact (Systems Take Up Less Valuable Floor Space)

o Easily Upgradable (Can Grow and Change Directly with Your Applications)

o Quick Installation and Start Up (Reduce Production Downtime)

o Fastest Cutting and Marking Speeds (Increases Production Speed and Output)

o Easy Integration (Can Quickly Be Integrated Into Any Production Processes)

o No Consumable Gases (Eliminates Expensive Annual Gas Costs

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