Laser Measuring Sensors offer accuracies from 12-100 mm.

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AccuRange 200(TM) devices include 4 models with measurement capabilities from 6-50 mm. Measuring 70 x 49 x 20 mm, units have hardware and optics protected within NEMA-4 rated enclosure. Using laser triangulation, displacement sensors can measure distance to non-cooperative surfaces such as polished metals, glass, or water. With sample rates to 1,250 Hz, units provide analog, limit switch, and serial outputs for data acquisition.

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Acuity Research Offers New Laser Distance Measurement Sensors with High Accuracy, Attractive Feature Bundle and Low Price

Menlo Park, CA January 21, 2003 - Acuity Research today announced the launch of the AccuRange 200(tm) series of laser measuring sensors. The new ultra-compact model series includes four devices with measurement capabilities from 6 to 50 mm and accuracies starting at 12 mm. The AccuRange 200 sensors include serial and analog signal output connections for versatile data acquisition.

AccuRange 200(tm) Series Models

The new laser diode measurement sensors include the AR200-6M, AR200-12M, AR200-25M and AR200-50M models which measure 6, 12, 25 and 50 mm ranges with respective accuracies of 12, 24, 50 and 100 mm. All AR200 sensors employ laser triangulation where reflected light from a target is viewed at an angle by a line scan camera inside the sensor case. The new displacement sensor has the sensitivity to measure distance to non-cooperative surfaces such as polished metals, glass or water.

Compact Design

The AR200 models dimensionally measure 70 x 49 x 20 mm and weigh 85 grams. The hardware and optics are protected within a durable, NEMA-4 rated enclosure. All models are standard with a 2 meter data and power cable.

AccuRange 200(tm) Outputs

All four AR200 laser sensors sample at up to 1250 Hz. Standard outputs for these models include analog, limit switch and serial outputs. All AR200 models come with all outputs standard. Users select between 4-20 mA or 0 - 10 V analog signals that have configurable zero-span set points. NPN (sinking) or PNP (sourcing) limit switch outputs may be selected. Serial output is either binary or ASCII format across RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 lines. Users can select the output preference with device pushbuttons or through software.

Value Sensor in the AccuRange family of products

The AccuRange 200(tm) models are priced at $849 for single unit quantities with volume discounts available. Product options include a power supply and numerical display. Acuity offers product engineering and customization to suit user specifications.

The Company

Acuity Research, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Schmitt Industries, Inc (NASDAQ: SMIT) of Portland, OR. Acuity Research develops advanced laser distance sensors and measurement systems for industrial applications. Their family of products is commonly used in steel casting, paper production, forest products, medical imaging, construction equipment and high-tech industries. Their AccuRange product family includes the long-range AR4000(tm) rangefinder, the mid-range AR600(tm) laser displacement sensor and the close-range AR200(tm) measuring sensor. Product capabilities include range measurements from meters to microns. Acuity Research's engineering staff creates custom sensors for unique customer applications.

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