Laser Marking System handles small cylindrical parts.

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Suited for round pens and barrels and small cylindrical parts, Fiber Laser Marking System with automatic marking machine can mark up to 3,000-4,000 units/hr with logos, graphics, text, designs, bar codes, data matrix, and measurement rings. Automatic feeder, which is hopper loaded, accepts parts from 1-7 in. long. Marking station allows for marking in more than one location as well as marking on varying heights. Programs are stored for use with future production runs.

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Reduce Operating Costs and Increase Productivity with High Speed Automatic Marking of Cylindrical Parts

Branford, CT - March 5, 2008 - Lasit, USA introduces the first fully automatic fiber laser marking system with an automatic marking machine for round pens and barrels and small cylindrical parts. At full capacity, the machine can mark up to 3000-4000 units per hour with Logos, Graphics, Text, Designs, Bar Codes, Data Matrix and measurement rings or marks. Virtually any cylindrical object can be marked or engraved.

This revolutionary laser marking system offers an automatic pen feeder or barrel feeder, which is hopper loaded, accepting parts from 1 to 7 inches long (23 -180 mm). Pens or cylindrical parts are fed into a hopper, which automatically orients them in the same direction without an operator. An additional station can then locate a pocket clip (on pens) or other detail to orient the part in the right directions for marking.

"A big advantage is that the marking station allows for marking in more than one location as well as marking on varying heights. Each part can then be rotated 360 degrees to make unlimited circumferential marks," stated Robin Barbero, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. The system also has the capability of marking around the diameter of parts that are parallel to one another.

Built in electronic sensors will determine if a part is in place to be marked, which in turn enables the laser to begin marking.

All created programs are stored and can be called up at any time to repeat the process with production runs. Once the machine is set up, it is fully automatic and requires no operator. Depending on production requirements, multiple marking stations can be added to each machine. See video on Lasit USA website

About Lasit USA
Lasit USA has produced lasers and laser marking systems since 1990. A subsidiary of the El.En Group based in Italy, Lasit USA focuses on continuously improving laser marking for industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, electronic and tooling.

Robin Barbero
VP Sales and Marketing
(508) 528-2542

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