Laser Line Sensor offers profile rate of 4,000 samples/sec.

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Integrating binocular vision and laser line projection, EyeCon(TM) 2000 measures wide surface area using single Gigabit Ethernet connection, and produces high-resolution image of cross section data profiles. Direct encoder input controls global synchronization better than ±1.0 µs, while FireSync(TM) platform allows system integrators to upload custom bulge and dent detection algorithms. Sensor is suited for measurement of mat surfaces and shiny black materials, such as rubber.

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LMI Technologies Offers High Speed Eyecon 2000 Line Sensors For Wide Surface Area Measurement

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada - The high-speed EyeCon(TM) 2000 laser line sensor, designed by LMI Technologies (LMI), provides system integrators with the latest technology to measure a wide surface area using a single Gigabit Ethernet connection.
The EyeCon(TM) 2000 line sensor is not only designed for high frequency and accuracy measurement of mat surfaces and shiny black materials, such as rubber, but also for measuring thickness and width and profiling component preparation stock material.
According to Mike Snow, Market Manager at LMI Technologies, the new sensor is one of the fastest tire inspection laser line sensors available to the tire and rubber industry.

"By covering a wider field of view and getting more data over a single Gigabit Ethernet connection, the user can locate defects to reduce false rejects and waste," Snow noted.

The EyeCon(TM) 2000 laser line sensor provides a profile rate of 4,000 samples per second, without any sacrifice to quality and control. If the speed needs to be adjusted, the EyeCon(TM) sensor series provides a line laser profile rate of 2kHz for lower speed applications. Both profile rates are ideal for high production output at the rubber and tire plant.

EyeCon(TM) 2000 Features
The standard design features of the EyeCon(TM) 2000 sensor provide binocular vision inspection to observe the target from two different directions. The sensor also features a direct encoder input to control global synchronization better than +/- 1.0 microsecond using a Gigabit Ethernet protocol. Integrating binocular vision and laser line projection into this sensor produces a high-resolution image of cross section data profiles.

The total integration architecture of the EyeCon(TM) 2000 uses four sensors and an encoder signal, which has the capacity to deliver synchronized tire maps over one Gigabit Ethernet connection at a high degree of repeatability and accuracy. Power over Ethernet allows mounting the sensor at a distance up to 100 meters away from the controller.

The EyeCon(TM) 2000 uses the LMI Technologies award winning FireSync(TM) platform. This new sensor technology allows system integrators to upload their own custom bulge and dent detection algorithms. This reduces integration costs and eliminates the need for external computer power, since an external controller is no longer necessary (PC, PLC, or any other device).

About LMI Technologies
LMI Technologies designs and manufactures scalable vision sensor technology for OEMs and system integrators. Since 1976, LMI has applied its expertise in optical inspection to simplify automated vision, measurement and control metrology around the world for a myriad of machine vision applications.

For more information on the EyeCon(TM) 2000 sensors or the Selcom(TM) brand laser sensors for the tire and rubber industry in North or South America, please contact LMI Technologies (USA), Inc., 562 Lakeland Plaza, Suite #126 Cumming, Georgia, USA 30040, Telephone: +1 770 888 6586 or e-mail

In Europe and Asia, please contact LMI Technologies AB, Box 250, Ogardesvagen 19A, SE433 25 Partille, Sweden. Telephone: +46 (0) 31-336-25-10, FAX: +31 45 574 2500 or e-mail

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Susan Hancock, Marketing Manager, LMI Technologies, Telephone: 1-604-636-1011

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