Laser Engraving for ID Tags, Bar-Codes, and Many Varieties of Material Surface

Laser engraving machinery allows for lasers to act as would pens or pencils on a variety of surfaces, anything from metal, to exotic alloy, to wood, to laserable polymers. Unlike other forms of engraving, laser engraving requires no actual tool bits or other such solid means of "etching." Rather, one aims the laser beam at the surface of the object, and programs its course to produce whichever ID tag, barcode, design, or even scanned photograph that one wishes to engrave.

One of the most excellent qualities about laser engraving is the sheer variety of surfaces to which it's applicable. Stainless steel, marble, plastics, and wood are all prime examples of material that can be laser engraved. Additionally, laser engraving is ideal for minute, fine-tuned assignments such the manufacturing of ID tags and/or bar-coding for purposes of inventory tracking. The rapidity of the engraving process insures that a significant output of fine, detailed work can be achieved with a quick turnaround time.

At Wilke, our primary purpose in laser engraving is to provide effective, pragmatic engraving solutions for our industrial customer-base. With our Epilog FiberMark Laser, we are able to engrave on a fairly large total surface area (24" x 12") both quickly and cost-effectively. With our second machine, the Epilog Helix 24 Laser engraving system, we have the means of producing complex 2D and 3D print designs with one of the finest laser control systems currently available in any industry. With machines such as these, we are quickly able to provide ID tagging and bar-coding services that are some of the finest in our industry.

Having worked in laser cutting since 1987, we have gained the necessary practice and skill to develop laser engraving designs that are visually striking as well as eminently practical. Whether simple or elaborate, we continue to look forward to providing our laser engraving services to customers of all stripes. For more information please visit our website or call Toll Free 800-936-6201.

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