Laser Dichroic Beamsplitters are designed for optimal flatness.

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Addressing optical wavefront distortion sensitivity needs of super-resolution imaging systems, BrightLine® laser dichroic beamsplitters with λ/10 flatness are offered on 3 mm thick glass to reduce sensitivity to mounting stress in custom optical systems. Products minimize reflected wavefront distortion to maximize signal and SNR. For setups requiring maximum switching speed or minimal beam shift in transmission, 1 mm thick BrightLine® laser dichroic beamsplitters offer λ/2 flatness.

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Semrock Launches BrightLine® Laser Dichroic Beamsplitters with Industry Leading Flatness for Super-Resolution Microscopy

Rochester, NY – Semrock announces its new line of BrightLine® laser dichroic beamsplitters [link to product landing page to the market place. “Super-resolution imaging systems are highly sensitive to optical wavefront distortion and demand the highest quality components”, stated Prashant Prabhat, PhD, Business Line Leader at Semrock. “In order to address the needs of this market, Semrock has developed proprietary technology leading to the introduction of laser dichroic beamsplitters with industry leading ë/10 flatness”. These new catalog products are offered on 3 mm thick glass to reduce sensitivity to mounting stress in custom optical systems. Designed and manufactured to have extremely high flatness, these dichroic beamsplitters minimize the reflected wavefront distortion, thereby maximizing both the signal and the signal-to-noise ratio in super-resolution microscopes.

For setups in which maximizing the switching speed or minimizing the beam shift in transmission is critical, Semrock  significantly improved its 1 mm thick BrightLine® laser dichroic beamsplitters to ë/2 flatness. These industry leading optics are compatible with popular microscopy filter cubes and improve the performance of laser based confocal and TIRF illumination systems. They are also ideal for reflecting imaging beams in conventional structured-illumination techniques as well as patterned illumination systems for localized photo-activation. These dichroic beamsplitters allow the use of much larger diameter illumination beams, offering researchers and instrument developers more flexibility in system design with no compromise to overall performance. Be sure to regularly visit as Semrock will continue to expand this product family throughout 2016.


Semrock, a unit of IDEX Health & Science, LLC, based in Rochester, NY, manufactures spectrally complex optical filters that set the standard in performance, quality and reliability for the life science, point-of-care, clinical diagnostic, and analytical instrumentation industries. All Semrock optical filters are made with hard-coated sputtered thin-film coatings. Patented products include the BrightLine® fluorescence filters, RazorEdge® Raman spectroscopy filters, StopLine® notch filters, VersaChrome® tunable filters, Polarization bandpass filters, and PulseLine™ femtosecond optics. OEMs and end-users benefit from high volume customized optics as well as a wide selection of standard catalog products available for same day shipment. Orders for Semrock catalog products received by noon (EST) are shipped the same day. Custom sized catalog filters are available in less than a week. Standard catalog products are guaranteed to meet customer needs with a 30-day, no-hassle return policy and covered by a ten-year warranty. Semrock is ITAR registered and certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

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