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Laser Cutting System delivers 10,000 ipm head positioning.

Press Release Summary:

Mar 13, 2006 - Offered with 5 x 10 and 6 x 12 ft cutting tables, CL-850 laser cutting system has 2-pallet design, enabling one table to be unloaded/reloaded while second is being processed. It features 5000 W GE Fanuc laser resonator and linear-motor-drive, and delivers 1,000 ipm cutting on 18 ga steel and up to 1 1/8 in. on mild steel. Cutting head system offers auto-focus, and breakaway feature keeps debris from entering beam path to allow beam alignment checking without head removal.

Original Press Release

Cincinnati CL-850 Engineered as New Heavyweight in High-Speed Laser Cutting

Press release date: Feb 01, 2006

All-new design features fast-cutting 5000W resonator, third-generation linear motor drive, and heavyweight platform delivering high uptime, superior dynamic accuracy, and built-to-last reliability

February, 2006. The pioneer in high-speed laser cutting systems, Cincinnati Incorporated engineers a new heavyweight in cutting productivity and lifetime ROI. The all-new Cincinnati CL-850 mates a faster-cutting 5000W GE Fanuc laser resonator with a third-generation linear-motor-drive system on industry's heaviest laser platform. All-around designed for high throughput, flexibility, ease of use and cutting precision, the CL-850 delivers 10,000 ipm head positioning, 1000 ipm cutting on 18 ga. steel, and up to 1-1/8" processing range on mild steel. Cincinnati's own linear-motor-drive system, proven for more than a decade on the industry's largest base of machine installations, has been further refined to maintain industry-leading accuracy at high cutting speeds, while the new cutting head gives superior edge quality.

The CL-850's next generation cutting head system features standard auto-focus. An improved breakaway feature keeps debris from entering the beam path and allows beam alignment checking without head removal. A new height sensor, insensitive to plasma, enables much higher feedrates on thin metal using N2 or air assist gas.

The HMI and control software maintain Cincinnati's reputation for easiest operation of any high-performance laser. Recognizing that expert, experienced operators are hard to find, Cincinnati creates laser controls to allow average operators with limited experience to achieve superior results.

The CL-850 is available in 5 x 10 and 6 x 12 ft. (2M x 4M) cutting table models, each featuring Cincinnati's quick-change, dual pallets. The dual-pallet design allows one table to be unloaded/reloaded while the second table is being processed. Pallet changes take just seconds, so cutting is virtually continuous.

Cincinnati linear-motor-drive lasers set the industry standard for continuous operations between uptime reliability, ease of use and rugged construction. The CL-850 frame features Cincinnati's traditional heavy plate construction, unique among cutting lasers. A CL-850 weighs up to double other makes. The heavier foundation provides exceptional rigidity and stability against dynamic forces in moving the gantry at high speeds and maintaining industry leadership in cutting accuracy. The heavy-plate construction better withstands the rigors of material handling in a fabricating shop and delivers a longer service life for higher retained/resale value, said Cincinnati officials.

The CL-850 has been further shop-hardened by rationalized engineering to reduce and simplify wiring, hoses and connections, make alignments easier, improve fume collection and protectively embed electrical components in the main frame with active cooling.

CL-850 models, both the 5 x 10 and 6x12 sizes, work big while taking smaller floor space than other lasers. Both model sizes can be integrated with Cincinnati's new MMHS automated material handling/laser processing systems.

The leader in linear-motor-drive laser cutting, Cincinnati introduced North America's first high-speed machine by engineering and building its own linear motor drive system. The company has the industry's largest installed base of high-speed machines and most cumulative laser cutting experience.

The proprietary linear-motor drives make fast work of large parts or batch processing of smaller parts with accelerations exceeding 2.0G and head positioning speeds of up to 10,000 inches per minute. Linear-motor design delivers high precision as well as high speed, making the CL-850 lasers especially effective on parts with complex geometries and lots of holes and cutouts.

Cincinnati continues to offer the linear-motor-drive CL-707 and the ball-screw drive CL-7A and CL-6 Laser Cutting Systems.

For more information on the new high-speed CL-850 laser cutting system, visit the company's web site or contact: Cincinnati Incorporated, Box 11111, Cincinnati OH 45211; phone: 513/367-7100; fax: 513/367-7552; email

Contact for more information: Rick Neff Laser Product Manager Cincinnati Incorporated Tel: 513-367-7165 Fax:513-367-7592