Laser Cutting Machines utilize pierce control system.

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Laser cutting machine models TC L 3030 and TC L 4030 employ pierce control system (PCS), which continuously monitors and adjusts pierce parameters in real-time. Eliminating pierce dwell times required for process consistency, PCS system uses beam delivery hardware and machine control software and is effective on materials 1/8 in. thick and thicker. Soft pierce in 5/8-inch steel requires 1.5 sec of pierce time.

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Laser Technology to Control Pierce Quality and Speed, Now Standard on TC L 3030 and TC L 4030 Machines

FARMINGTON, Conn., March 19, 2004 -- TRUMPF's pierce control system (PCS) improves laser pierce time and quality and is now a standard feature on TC L 3030 and TC L 4030 laser cutting machines. PCS continuously monitors and adjusts pierce parameters in real-time to reduce pierce time and improve pierce hole quality making smaller laser cut holes possible. The PCS system also eliminates the pierce dwell times normally needed for process consistency.

Using a combination of new beam delivery hardware and sophisticated machine control software, PCS makes it possible to obtain soft pierce quality at a processing speed comparable to a quick pierce.

The pierce control system is most effective on materials 1/8 inch thick and thicker where shorter pierce times could have a direct, negative affect on pierce quality. A traditional soft pierce in 5/8-inch steel without the PCS system activated would typically require two seconds of pierce time followed by three to four seconds of cooling time. With the new PCS system enabled, the same pierce quality can be achieved in just 1.5 seconds.

PCS is also a standard feature on TRUMPF's TC L 3050 and TC L 4050, 5,000-watt laser cutting machines.

"By improving pierce quality and eliminating wasteful pierce dwell times, we can now offer another significant productivity advantage to today's laser users," says Dan Robinson, laser product group manager for TRUMPF Inc.

TRUMPF is one of the world's largest producers of fabricating machinery and a world market leader in lasers used for industrial production technology.

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