Laser Cutting Machine optimizes material handling.

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Consisting of LiftMaster Compact and TrueStore 3030, TruLaser 3030 requires only 65 m² of space. LiftMaster Compact, with table size of 3,000 x 1,500 mm, loads and unloads sheets in thicknesses up to 20 mm, while TruStore 303 offers modular storage system with diverse options. Self-contained automation solution provides double sheet detection and optional thin sheet separation with air blast that ensures only one blank sheet is fed at a time.

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LiftMaster Compact and TruStore Improve Material Handling without Major Space Requirements

Stuttgart, Germany, - Owing to its sheer size alone, the fully automated TruLaser 3030 NEW is likely to draw much attention at TRUMPF's booth during Blechexpo. Consisting of a LiftMaster Compact and a TruStore 3030, the laser cutting machine is presented as a completely self-contained production cell. The machine, loading and unloading unit and the storage component took up only 65 square meters of space. This means that in spite of the first impression, the entire unit is surprisingly small. The LiftMaster Compact loads and unloads sheets in thicknesses of up to 20 millimeters and a table size of 3,000 x 1,500 millimeters. Because it performs different automation steps at the same time, the entire cycle lasts for only 80 seconds. During the cycle, the synchronous loader separates the sheet using its vacuum suction cups while the rake screen receives the cut metal sheets. Then the synchronous loader moves to the pallet changer. Again, in two parallel operating steps, the loader places the metal sheet on the pallet changer while the rake screen deposits the cut sheet metal on the pallets on the top side of the synchronous loader. The new automation solution offers process reliability with double sheet detection and optional thin sheet separation with air blast that ensures only one blank sheet is fed into the machine at a time. The LiftMaster Compact, which has a fixed layout, can be connected to the longitudinal and the traverse pallet changer. Requiring only 25 square meters - half as much space as the larger LiftMaster model - the LiftMaster Compact with storage connection has the storage compartment on top. This means LiftMaster Compact and TruStore are connected to one another directly and to the machine without a cart or similar system. The TruStore 3030 presented at Blechexpo is a compact modular storage system that allows for a high level of diverse storage options and consists of only a few parts. There are no welded joints; instead, all parts are screwed together. This means the shelves can be quickly dismantled at any time and additional modules added. In addition to the LiftMaster Compact, other automation components can be connected to the TruStore Series 3000. All the same two-tower storage options are possible which, with add-on modules, can reach a height of up to 7.5 meters (24.61 feet) on the production floor. The TruStore storage and shelving system seamlessly enhances automated sheet production, optimizes material flow and dramatically minimizes wasted space by up to 85 percent.

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