Laser Cutting machine cuts formed and 3D parts.

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TLC CUT 5 consists of one 5-axis laser machine with flying optic design and 120 x 60 x 24 in. work envelope. Precision laser cell comes equipped with AutoLas plus® for automatic focus adjustment and TLF CO2 laser, which is available in 2,000, 2,700, or 3,200 W power levels. Unit employs continuously-rotating C axis, B axis with ±100° swivel, and teach pendant (handheld programming device).

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TRUMPF Laser Technology Center Introduces a New Five-Axis Machine for Laser Cutting of 3-D and Formed Parts at FABTECH 2003

PLYMOUTH, Mich., July 31, 2003 - At FABTECH 2003, the TRUMPF Inc. Laser Technology Center will introduce a compact new five-axis laser machine, the TLC CUT 5, designed for laser cutting formed and other three-dimensional parts.

"Quality, flexibility and efficiency are required to remain competitive in this current environment," says Burke Doar, vice president of sales and marketing for TRUMPF Inc. "The TLC CUT 5, as well as the other new products we're showing at FABTECH 2003, embody these characteristics."

In addition to the TLC CUT 5, TRUMPF will exhibit new flatsheet laser cutting technology and new automated part processing/handling solutions in booth 11030.

Applications for this new TLC CUT 5 five-axis laser machine include laser cutting of stamped and formed parts, such as for the aerospace, appliance, automotive, motorcycle, and furniture industries.

"This is the perfect machine for fabricators who want expand their capabilities and enter the 3-D laser cutting market," says Michael Fritz, product manager for multi-axis laser systems at the TRUMPF Inc. Laser Technology Center. "It is also a cost-effective option for job shops looking to add additional capacity for laser cutting of formed parts."

The TLC CUT 5 precision laser cell comes equipped with the reliable TRUMPF TLF CO2 laser, available in the three most popular power levels for 3-D cutting: 2,000, 2,700, or 3,200 watts. It also comes with AutoLas plus® for automatic focus adjustment to different materials and thicknesses.

A continuously-rotating C axis and ±100-degree swivel of the B axis make it easy to process almost any application on the new machine. Even undercuts can be made on spun or stamped parts. "This improves your accuracy and process since the operator doesn't have to stop, reposition the part or laser head, and continue cutting," explains Fritz.

TRUMPF's "flying optic" design allows the machine to maintain high speeds and tight tolerances regardless of the weight of the part. The stationary workpiece reduces time lost to tool setup and requires less complex fixturing and tooling.

Despite a compact footprint, the TLC CUT 5 has an ample 120-by-60-by-24-inch work envelope. Most typically-sized stamped and 3D parts fit into the workspace. Says Fritz, "the compact footprint of the TLC CUT 5 helps it to fit into fabrication shops where floor space can be limited, but the reduced footprint doesn't sacrifice any work area."

The TLC CUT 5 has a number of ergonomically-friendly features. A wide door at the front of the safety enclosure makes it easy to access and load parts into the cabin. Even large parts fit through the opening. And as a result of the machine's design, the worktables can be accessed from the front, at any time, regardless of where the cantilever is positioned.

The TLC CUT 5's worktables are designed to support base bridges or fixtures to carry three-dimensional parts. In addition, an optional exhaust unit or available shop exhaust system can be connected to the worktables.

The machine's teach pendant, a handheld programming device, can be used to jog the machine axis for setup work, or to program or teach the machine. AutoLas plus allows the machine to automatically adjust to different material and material thicknesses and controls laser focus position. The focus position can also be manipulated in the NC program.

TRUMPF is one of the world's largest producers of fabricating machinery and a world market leader in lasers used for industrial production technology. Additional company information is available at:

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