Laser Cutting Machine cuts at speeds up to 1,900/min.

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High-speed TC L 3050 employs TLF 6000 CO2 laser resonator, which is suited for flat sheet laser cutting. Integrated with linear drive technology, 6,000 W TLF 6000 enables TC L 3050 to cut material as thick as 1 in. mild steel and stainless steel and 5/8 in. aluminum. Along with fly cutting feature, unit is equipped with Process Control System, Sprintlas® on-the-fly piercing, Autolas® programmable focus system, and DIAS® capacitive height sensing.

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6,000-Watt Laser Increases Cutting Speeds on TC L 3050 Laser Cutting Machine

FARMINGTON, Conn., August 4, 2005 - At FABTECH 2005, TRUMPF will introduce a new 6,000-watt CO2 laser resonator, the TLF 6000, for flat sheet laser cutting. Available on the high-speed TC L 3050, the 6,000-watt resonator increases cutting speeds by up to 29 percent. The speed increases boost quality and efficiency, particularly in large-scale processing. The TC L 3050 was first introduced to the North American market with a 5000-watt laser at FABTECH 2001. "Four years later, a new laser joins with the machine's drive system to keep TRUMPF customers on the cutting edge of innovation and productivity," says Jim Rogowski, product manager of laser cutting and automation at TRUMPF Inc. The high-performance TLF 6000 is specially integrated with the linear drive technology to allow the machine to take advantage of the power increase to exceed existing speed and acceleration values. "The design ensures that the 6,000-watts of laser power and speeds made possible by linear drives translate into faster cutting speeds," adds Rogowski. The new laser technology results in rapid cutting speeds. The TLF 6000 cuts effectively at speeds of up to 1,900 per minute when processing thin sheets at high speeds. Additionally, the 6,000-watt laser expands the range of sheet thicknesses that the machine can cut and optimizes the cut quality in those ranges. Using a 6,000-watt laser, the TC L 3050 can cut material as thick as 1-inch mild steel and stainless steel and 5/8-inch aluminum. The machine's increased ability to cut thick material is even more dramatic during high-speed plasma cutting. As a result of the TLF 6000, the TC L 3050 can cut more than double the thickness in mild steel and aluminum and nearly double in stainless steel. The TLF 6000 is part of TRUMPF's rugged TLF CO2 laser series. In the last twenty years, since TRUMPF introduced the first compact RF-excited resonator, the company has installed more than 10,000 TLF lasers worldwide. "The TC L 3050 is packed with features that have made TRUMPF a global leader in laser technology," adds Rogowski. TRUMPF's fly cutting feature reduces positioning times and increases productivity by up to 70 percent in certain applications. Faster communication between the laser control and resonator enables TRUMPF machines to cut a grid pattern of square holes by scanning the laser cutting head across the material in one axis, then the other, without bringing the cutting head to an exact stop. Adding to productivity increases, TRUMPF's Process Control System continuously monitors and adjusts laser parameters to improve pierce hole quality and reduce pierce time. Also, Sprintlas® on-the-fly piercing punches through material up to ¼ inch thick, eliminating piercing dwell times - a necessity for hole-intensive parts. Autolas®, TRUMPF's fully programmable focus system, the DIAS® capacitive height sensing, and four quick change cutting heads allow the laser user to go from thin sheet cutting to thick plate cutting in seconds. TRUMPF's programmable beam diameter allows the user to optimize the laser characteristics for high performance in any type of material: thin gauge or thick plate. Dynamic power control and a comprehensive material processing database round out the package by promising high accuracy in fine detail cutting. To further ensure sharp corners and fine detail, TRUMPF's power ramping feature automatically synchronizes laser power and frequency to the motion system speed. TRUMPF is one of the world's largest producers of fabricating machinery and a world market leader in lasers used for industrial production technology. Additional company information is available at:

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