Laser Alignment System adapts to optical transit devices.

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Machined to dimensional specifications of optical telescopes, battery-operated, 2.25 in. Microgage Laser System fits into standard optical hardware mounts. Laser beam is projected on exact centerline for optical mount, while Microgage digital receiver tracks position of laser beam with electronic detector. Display provides quantitative reading of measurement and offers various user functions. Measurements with sensitivity of 0.0001 in. can be made over distances of 12 in. to 80 ft.

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Laser Alignment System Adapts To Optical Transit Devices

November 2003, Newburyport, Massachusetts: Pinpoint Laser Systems is introducing a new laser transmitter and receiver system that will adapt to traditional optical alignment devices, vastly improving the measuring accuracy and precision of these conventional tools. Optical alignment systems and industrial transits have been used in industry for decades and can now be upgraded to meet the demands of modern industry by greatly improving their accuracy and versatility using Pinpoint's new 2.25 Inch Microgage Laser System. The battery operated, 2.25 inch laser fits right into standard optical hardware mounts, replacing the visual telescope, and the Microgage receiver is used in place of the scribed ruler. Precision measurements with a sensitivity of 0.0001 inch can be made over distances of 12 inches to 80 feet with the new Microgage receiver.

For years, aircraft manufacturers, shipbuilders, machine shops, and manufacturing operations have used optical transits for alignment applications and developed a variety of special fixturing and mounting devices. Now those mounts, fixtures, and custom holders can be used for supporting the Microgage 2.25 inch diameter laser. The laser is machined to the exact dimensional specifications of traditional optical telescopes. A finely focused laser beam is projected from this laser on the exact centerline for the optical mount. The traditional ruler or machined scale is replaced with the Microgage digital receiver, which tracks the position of the laser beam with an electronic detector. The attached display provides a quantitative reading of the measurement, offers a variety of user functions, and can be attached to a laptop or PC for recording readings and gathering data. Pinpoint has a variety of mounts and fixtures for geometric alignment, including measurements of straightness, flatness, squareness, parallelism, bore alignment, and more.

This new 2.25 Microgage system and other precision industrial alignment products; are designed and manufactured in the United States by Pinpoint Laser Systems. For additional press or story information on this new product innovation, please contact Pinpoint at 1-800-757-5383 or visit our website at

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