Lamp Drivers provide lighting for PDAs and signage.

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Model D305 is capable of driving electroluminescent (EL) lamps as large as 100 cm² with high voltage AC output from 2.5 to 7.0 Vdc supply voltage. It is available in MSOP-10 package in tape and reel. Model D306A can convert 2.0 to 16.0 Vdc supply input to up to 400 V peak-to-peak AC signal that can drive EL lamps as large as 180 cm². It is available in surface-mount SOIC-16 with heat slug. Both drivers features wave-shaping(TM) programmability which minimizes audible noise.

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Durel Corporation's new D305A and D306A high-power electroluminescent (EL) lamp drivers

Durel Corporation's new D305A and D306A high-power electroluminescent (EL) lamp drivers will be exhibited along with its full line of high-efficiency EL systems. With the D305A EL driver as part of a high-brightness EL (HBEL) lamp system, designers can achieve up to five times the luminance of traditional EL lamp systems for PDAs and other wireless electronic devices. The D305 is capable of driving EL lamps as large as 100 cm² with very high voltage AC output from a 2.5 to 7.0 Vdc supply voltage. It is equipped with many control functions, including wave-shaping(TM) programmability for minimizing audible noise, and other features that allow for component cost savings, precision control of frequencies, and stability of lamp color over wide temperature extremes. The D305 is available in a space-saving MSOP-10 package in tape and reel.

The D306A is a powerful device that can convert a 2.0 to 16.0 Vdc supply input to up to 400V peak-to-peak AC signal that can drive EL lamps as large as 180 cm². Intended for large backlighting applications such as automotive instrument clusters and signage, the D306A is available in a narrow-body surface-mount SOIC-16 with heat slug and requires a minimal number of external components. This Durel IC is also equipped with proprietary wave-shaping(TM) programmability for reducing audible noise. It also has dual on-chip oscillators for independent selection of inductor switching and lamp output through the choice of external capacitor values or with separate external clock signals.

Durel Corporation's new line of Printing Inks for Electroluminescent Lamps ("EL") will also be introduced at the show. Durel has established a reputation for quality, technical leadership and customer support in the automotive, wireless and timepiece industries. Since 1988, Durel has invested extensively in the research and development of EL materials and technology. "Durel has the unique capability of combining its expertise in phosphors, phosphor coatings, binder chemistry, electroluminescent lamp manufacturing and inverter technology to offer a truly optimized ink package to our customers," said John Dowdell, president of Durel.

The inks come packaged in complete kits (with detailed processing guidelines and tips for success) or can be purchased individually. Among the many benefits of the Durel EL Materials System is a single cure per functional layer, including dielectric, which maximizes throughput and minimizes costs. Durel's inks and guidelines provide a total system that is pre-engineered for optimum luminance. Dowdell further commented, "The system is designed to provide an out-of-the-box high-performance printing solution that will eliminate guesswork and reduce the expenses associated with the trial-and-error approach of R&D projects."

Durel's inks are made with its patented, proprietary phosphors. Early product placements have shown that even customers with little or no prior experience with EL are able to produce lamps with exceptional performance. Other first-time users of the Durel ink system report a high-level of satisfaction over the ease with which the inks print because of the comprehensive set of process parameters provided by Durel.

Durel is ISO 9001 Certified and QS9000 Registered. For more information about Durel's EL Lamps, EL Drivers, Electroluminescent Materials Systems and other products, please contact Customer Service at, or telephone Customer Service at 480/917-6000, fax: 480/917-6049. Visit Durel's Web site at

Durel Corporation is a joint venture between 3M Corporation, located in Minnesota and Rogers Corporation, located in Connecticut. The company's product lines include coated phosphors, inks, custom electroluminescent lamps, EL drivers, design engineering applications, and consulting services.

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