Lamp Ballasts meet new pulse start specs.

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Linear Reactor ballasts for pulse-start metal halide lamps have automatic reset thermal protection that interrupts power to ballast in event of abnormal lamp or ballast failure. They meet existing and newly proposed pulse-start ANSI specifications. Ballasts are available for various metal halide lamp wattages, including: 150 W (ANSI Code M102/M142), 200 W (M136), 250 W (M138/M153), 320 W (M132/M154), 350 W (M131), 400 W (M135/M155), and 450 W (M144).

Original Press Release:

Advance Linear Reactor Ballasts for Pulse-Start Metal Halide Lamps Now Include Auto-Reset Thermal Protection

Advance Transformer Co., Rosemont, Illinois, has announced that automatic-reset thermal protection is now incorporated as a standard feature in its Linear Reactor ballasts for pulse-start metal halide lamps. This important new safety feature interrupts power to the ballast in the event of abnormal lamp or ballast failure. All Advance Linear Reactor ballasts are UL and CSA recognized for safety and are designed to meet both existing and newly proposed pulse-start ANSI specifications.

In the several years since the introduction of pulse-start metal halide lamps, Advance Linear Reactor ballasts have become a leading choice for their operation, thanks to the significant energy cost savings and other benefits Linear Reactors make possible. Linear Reactor ballasts incorporate Advance's exclusive "integral ignitor" design and are designed for operation on 277-volt systems. As single-coil ballasts, Advance Linear Reactors are inherently more efficient than two-coil ballasts, providing substantial energy savings due to ballast-loss reductions of more than 50% compared to traditional CWA-type ballasts. The "integral ignitor" feature also provides the benefits of fewer components and wiring connections, simplified installation and new possibilities for compact fixture designs.

Another characteristic of Advance Linear Reactors is an ideal lamp current crest factor of only 1.4, a result of the fact that the ballasts' lamp current is a smooth sine wave. This optimal crest factor ensures gentle lamp operation by minimizing stress on lamp electrodes and helps to provide pulse-start metal halide with benefits such as better lumen maintenance and improved color consistency. Other pulse-start metal halide benefits include reduced run-up time and quicker re-strike than traditional metal halide lamps.

For power factor correction, Linear Reactors utilize Advance dry-film capacitors, which simplify fixture assembly and retrofits with their compact, no-exposed-live-parts design, while their high 100°C rating helps ensure reliability. Linear Reactors are also designed to operate cooler for extended ballast life and optimized fixture thermal performance.

Advance Linear Reactor ballasts are available for the following metal halide lamp wattages: 150W (ANSI Code M102/M142), 200W (M136), 250W (M138/M153), 320W (M132/M154), 350W (M131), 400W (M135/M155), and 450W (M144).

Advance Transformer Co., a leading ballast manufacturer based in Rosemont, Illinois, designs, produces and sells a full line of magnetic and electronic ballasts for both fluorescent and HID lamps. For more information on Advance's complete product line, visit Advance's web site at or call Advance at (847) 390-5000. Advance is a division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation.

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