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Nautilus LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) 2002 v3 incorporates Analytical Quality Control (AQC) functionality. AQC monitors accuracy of analytical methods through the use of control samples processed by laboratory instruments. Suitable for laboratories where samples are taken from diverse sources, software creates statistical charts for monitoring control data, including charts that plot individual results and mean and range values.

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Enhanced LIMS Functionality for Analytical Quality Control Introduced in Nautilus(TM) 2002 Release 3

Thermo LabSystems, a Thermo Electron business (NYSE: TMO) and leader in laboratory informatics solutions, announces that new Analytical Quality Control (AQC) functionality is now available as part of the latest version of its Nautilus LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). Nautilus 2002 Release 3 began shipping to customers on request during November.

AQC is a technique of monitoring the accuracy of analytical methods through the use of control samples processed by laboratory instruments. Such information provides analysts with confidence that results acquired from actual samples are correct. The new AQC functionality in Nautilus is anticipated to generate particular interest from laboratories where samples are taken from many diverse sources - for example, an environmental lab testing samples from various points along a river using a wide variety of instruments and analytical methods. LIMS functionality to support AQC is also required in industries such as water, and food and beverage processing. Using the new function, customers of Nautilus are now able to easily create statistical charts to assist in monitoring control data, including charts that plot individual results, mean and range values, and percentage difference between two results that are acquired from duplicate entries on the LIMS worksheet. All charts are generated in Nautilus according to the industry-standard Shewhart rules on statistical control techniques.

Nautilus is Thermo LabSystems' latest LIMS product, focused on improving laboratory productivity and reducing the total cost of ownership. With radically reduced implementation times and patent-pending Workflow technology eliminating the need for customization, Nautilus is proven to deliver a return on investment to customers in industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical R&D, food and beverage and environmental services.

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