Labeler facilitates security tag label generation.

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Model 3111/14 is available in Checkpoint Air-Blow or Sensormatic Tamp-Blow configurations, respectively. Stepper motor drive provides precise starting and stopping, while velocity compensation ensures label placement accuracy. Speeds up to 1,500 in. of web/min and zero downtime allow continuous production. Label queuing and missing label compensation features virtually eliminate unlabeled products.

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Label-Aire Model 3111/14 Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Labeler

Label-Aire is proud to introduce the all-new 3111/14 Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) labeler. The 3111/14 EAS showcases the latest in security tag labeling with Label-Aire's renowned New Generation Technology. Available in either Checkpoint (3111 Air-Blow) or Sensormatic (3114 Tamp-Blow) configurations, this EAS applicator aids in theft prevention of goods in the retail industry. The 3111/14 EAS is equipped with an advanced stepper motor drive for precise starting/stopping, increased reliability, and lower maintenance. Another advanced feature is Velocity Compensation for improved label placement accuracy. Speeds up to 1,500 inches (3,810 cm) of web per minute and Zero Downtime labeling allow your production to continue without costly interruptions. Label queuing and missing label compensation virtually eliminate unlabeled products. Options include a variety of drop down and extended snorkels to reach into tight spaces, a 20" (508 mm) non-powered unwind, as well as Checkpoint or Sensormatic EAS change-over kit for added versatility. For more information, go to or call (714) 441-0700.

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