Label-Printing Software offers international version.

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Loftware Premiere International Edition v7.2 provides enterprise barcode label printing software in English, French, German, and Spanish. Corporations can network barcode printing globally; saving resources and helping enterprises maintain strict control over label compliance requirements. Version 7.2 gives users ability to print labels in multiple languages, regardless of which fonts label printer supports natively.

Original Press Release:

New Premiere International Edition from Loftware

June 17, 2003 -- Loftware, Inc. will soon be shipping its new, Premiere International Edition, Loftware Version 7.2. This new International Edition, features Loftware's renowned enterprise barcode label printing software in English, French, German and Spanish. "Straightforward, localized translations expand usability and convenience for our International users and partners across the globe," said Eric Anderson, CEO of Loftware, "We've had a huge demand for this product across a multitude of vertical markets."

Indeed, Loftware reports that over 40 countries visit Loftware online each month to request information about enterprise printing solutions or to download a free evaluation copy of the software. Good ideas travel fast. Loftware is being propelled into the International market because their dependable bar code label printing solutions provide easy integration with third party applications such as ERP, WMS and other supply chain applications. Loftware has seen a dramatic rise in their Enterprise Print Server sales since releasing the Loftware Oracle back in January 2003.

Today, many enterprises have strategically located branches around the globe to facilitate logistics and distribution. "It is not unusual to have four or five different offices linked into one central system - regardless of where they are located." Says Dana Anderson, Loftware Chief Technology Officer. "You may have one branch office in Canada, one in the United States, a couple more in Germany and another in China. With Loftware, corporations can network their bar code printing globally. Doing so saves numerous resources and helps enterprises to maintain strict control over label compliance requirements." Loftware Version 7.2 also gives users the ability to print labels in multiple languages (single and double byte), regardless of which fonts the label printer supports natively. This feature enables users to meet compliance standards, such as those required by EAN 980 standards.

Loftware solutions provide extended connectivity, while maintaining printer independence. These options add flexibility, allowing companies to configure label printing systems to suit their workflow, which can increase productivity dramatically. "Corporations want to save resources and cut expenses. Loftware gives them a way to do that, and now provides localized translations to extend their global reach." Says Anderson,

Loftware expects increased International sales and is adding members to its sales force and technical groups to meet the increased demand. The International Edition also features a useful tutorial guide, which is available in English, French, German and Spanish. Learn more at today.

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