Label Maker System tags pipes and valves.

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MaxiSoft® PipeMarker V2(TM) produces industrial markers and tags using computer, printer, and media. Software has hundreds of pre-defined pipe, valve, and tag markers that meet OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. Thermal transfer printer produces markers 2 or 4 in. wide, up to 50 in. long, with 203 dpi image quality. System prints on PolyDurable(TM) adhesive-backed rolls and thermal resin ribbons that will adhere to pipes, conduit, cable, wire, or tubes.

Original Press Release:

Make Custom Pipe Markers On-Demand

Somerset, WI - K-Sun Corporation introduces MaxiSoft® PipeMarker V2(TM) the second generation of MaxiSoft pipe marking technology. The V2 program combines all the functionality of the original PipeMarker PRO(TM) Software with new features that make the software more powerful than ever for producing industrial pipe markers and tags on-demand using a computer, printer and special media. The solution is driven by MaxiSoft® PipeMarker V2(TM) Software-a user friendly windows based program that creates hundreds of pre-defined pipe, valve and tag markers that meet current OSHA regulations and ANSI standards. Users can create barrier tape, arrow tape or repeated symbol tape either vertically or horizontally. To comply with international pipe marking standards, the ability to add either arrows or chevrons to markers to indicate flow direction is extremely useful. MaxiSoft® PipeMarker V2(TM) has made the shift toward less text and more symbols to communicate hazards by adding multiple pictograph capability. Users can also easily customize any marker or tag to fit their specific identification requirements. The ability to print standard and custom pipe markers on-demand in-house saves considerable time and money.

Precision matched to MaxiSoft® PipeMarkerV2 Software is the K-Sun Thermal Transfer Printer. The printer produces variable length pipe markers in both 2" and 4" wide up to 50 inches long with 203 dpi image quality. The printer's small footprint makes location and pipe marker production portable and convenient.

The third essential component of the MaxiSoft® pipe marker solution is the media used in the K-Sun printer. K-Sun has developed an extensive line of ANSI color-matched PolyDurable(TM) adhesive-backed rolls and thermal resin ribbons that are chemically matched to produce optimum image quality, durability, and consistency. A high tack aggressive acrylic adhesive system on PolyDurable(TM) media produces pipe markers that will adhere securely to pipes, conduit, cable, wire or tubes indoors or outside.

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